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Feature Roundup, Product Release

Check out our March 2023 product release. We added texting in InspectPro, a new task calendar, an updated comments section, and more—all to help you be more productive at work.

Equipment Rental Inspection, Heavy Equipment, Truck

Record360 is the #1 inspection app for trucking. Our mobile app helps you keep track of inspections, audits, and inventory. As an added bonus: get some extra features when you choose our Professional Subscription.

Truck, Truck Rental Inspection, Truck Lease Inspection

A truck pre-trip inspection is an inspection of a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) performed by a truck driver before starting a trip. This inspection aims to ensure the truck is safe to operate.

Tips & Tricks, Truck, Truck Lease Inspection, Truck Rental Inspection

If you’ve ever seen a truck inspection checklist that’s a mile long, we know how you feel. Truck inspection reports are necessary, but that doesn’t mean they’re a joy to fill out. Record360 makes it easy.

Tips & Tricks, Truck, Truck Rental Inspection, Truck Lease Inspection

Truck inspections can provide a wealth of relevant information for the driver and the organization responsible for shipping whatever freight might be present aboard the truck.

Heavy Equipment, Truck

While Record360 was initially made for rental companies to document the condition of their assets, we have since developed many other uses. Read on for some examples of what we do beyond rental.

Product, Partnership, Truck

Idealease and Record360 recently announced a national partnership to deliver preferred offerings to Idealease locations. Learn more about what this means and how you can get access.

Tips & Tricks, Heavy Equipment

It’s time to digitize your heavy equipment rental business. Read on to see how you can run your operations, cut costs, and protect your assets with just a few clicks of a button.

Product Release, Feature Roundup

Read about our latest Q4 2022 product release. From new reports to message templates and supercharged departments… we were busy building you a ton of new features last quarter.

Product Release, Heavy Equipment, Truck

Record360 now lets you complete multiple inspections across your departments & workflows at once. Create a maintenance inspection while a unit is out on rent or complete a DOT inspection in the middle of a lease term – all in Record360.
Customers using Record360 get a 5-10x return on money in their first month. But how else can Record360 transform your rental shop? Retain employees, improve cross-department communication, standardize your processes, and more.

Feature Roundup, Product

Check out a full roundup of our releases from the last few years. We’ve included everything from eSignatures and Tasks, to a brand new Service product that allows you to text with your customers.

Product, Heavy Equipment, Truck

Record360 can integrate with most processes and business systems, and we’ve done this for the past 7 years and counting. Not only that, we do it without any engineering or technical expertise from you.

Communication, Customer Satisfaction, Heavy Equipment, Truck, Auto

ServicePro, by Record360, is a transformative solution that’s reinventing the service management process. It is creating better customer experiences, more productive technicians, and increased throughput in service departments.

Truck, Truck Rental Inspection, Truck Lease Inspection

Incorporating digital inspection forms into your daily truck operations can significantly improve your business. Having drivers file a daily inspection keeps them accountable and helps you make better operational decisions.

Truck, Truck Rental Inspection

Any rental company with an established truck fleet management structure will advocate for regular truck inspections. Read on to learn some tried and tested strategies to make your truck inspections seamless and efficient.

Truck Rental Inspection, Truck Lease Inspection

Using a truck inspection app eliminates the tedious tasks that come with paper-based processes. This guide covers five benefits of using a truck inspection app and how it can improve your vehicle assessments.

Truck Rental Inspection, Truck Lease Inspection

A reliable inspection tool increases your team’s productivity, reduces your business expenses, and helps protect your customers. How? Read this blog post to learn more.

Truck Rental Inspection, Truck Lease Inspection

Even small compromises in truck inspections can lead to significant repercussions. The right inspection platform can prevent these from happening to your truck rental company.

Equipment Rental Inspection, Truck Rental Inspection, Auto Rental Inspection

Record360’s eSign feature lets you replace your paper forms and capture digital signatures on the fly. Learn how you can reduce time spent on capturing signatures and increase time spent out on rent.

Equipment Rental Inspection

To improve the quality of your asset inspections, you need more than just an inspection form. You need reliable software to organize your assets and monitor their availability and usage.

Equipment Rental Inspection

Capturing videos and photos of your equipment will help you comply with safety regulations and improve your preventative maintenance processes. Read on to learn how.

Equipment Rental Inspection, Truck Rental Inspection, Auto Rental Inspection

With dependable equipment inspection software, you can streamlined your operations to save time and resources. This guide covers 5 benefits of digital inspection forms and how to get started.

Equipment Rental Inspection, Truck Rental Inspection, Auto Rental Inspection

Investing in comprehensive inspection software is among the smartest business decisions you can make. It protects your assets, grows your bottom line, and establishes your reputation. Read on to learn more.

Equipment Rental Inspection

From large corporate chains to independent companies, rental inspection software can save you thousands of dollars. Learn how 2 equipment rental companies are protecting their most important assets with Record360.

Equipment Rental Inspection

Franklin Equipment CTO, Harold Goings, joins the Record360 CEO, Jesse Buckingham, for a Q&A about how technology can drive growth in your rental business.

Equipment Rental Inspection

Managing multiple equipment rental operation locations can be a logistical nightmare. Learn how Perco Rentals uses Record360 to establish rental processes that streamline their various processes.

Equipment Rental Inspection

Read how Michel Allen, President and Co-Owner of Pioneer Equipment, relies on Record360 to have a clear picture of his assets’ condition. He’s able to use software to modernize their equipment rental processes.

Equipment Rental Inspection

We sit down with Hunter Hinson from Flint Equipment Co. and learn practical tips and insights for hyper-efficient rental management, and the power Record360 provides the entire company.

Equipment Rental Inspection

Road Machinery CEO Joel Cook, and General Manager of Rental Jason Avery, join Record360 CEO Jesse Buckingham for a Q&A about leadership and management in a successful rental business.

Equipment Rental Inspection

Multiplying your equipment rental revenue is not as difficult as you think. Read on to learn what critical steps you can take to scale your operations and increase your revenue.

Equipment Rental Inspection

Digital marketing expert, David McBee, shares his playbook for marketing success in equipment rental. Rental operators of all sizes can learn how to enhance their digital strategy and improve revenue.

Equipment Rental Inspection, Truck Rental Inspection, Auto Rental Inspection

Getting machines out of your yard is the name of the game in equipment rental. Read on to see how you can get your machines rented and your balance sheet in the black.

Equipment Rental Inspection

Renting heavy equipment and trucks comes with significant risk. That is why it’s crucial to have a solid rental contract in place to protect your business and manage risks. Learn more in this guide.

Equipment Rental Inspection

Rental consultant, Mets Kramer, shares his playbook for leveraging data to drive rental sales growth. Read on for a summary of the key takeaways from our recent webinar.

Auto Rental Inspection, Equipment Rental Inspection, Truck Rental Inspection

At Record360, we’ve helped thousands of rental locations transform their inspection process. Read our step-by-step guide for operators to implement inspection management software in their rental process.

Equipment Rental Inspection

Many rental operators think that equipment damage is just ‘a cost of doing business’, but it’s not. Learn the 5 easy steps to building trust with customers and increasing chargebacks when damage occurs.

Equipment Rental Inspection

Leading rental law expert, James Waite, joined Record360’s CEO, Jesse Buckingham, for a conversation on rental contracts, damage waivers, and using tech to minimize the pain and cost of litigation.

Equipment Rental Inspection

Record360’s CEO, Jesse Buckingham, was joined by Shaun Brown from Kimball Equipment and Ken Allen from Mammoth Machinery for a lively, informative discussion on how to scale your heavy equipment rental revenue.
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