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Product Manager, Jeff Meigs, discusses exciting features and functionality recently added to Record360’s inspection app. He discusses the importance of listening to customers to decide how to enhance the product, and the overall value Record360 brings to the rental industry. 

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From large corporate chains to independent companies, rental inspection software can save thousands of dollars in potential damage disputes, and vastly improve processes. Below are two examples of how equipment rental companies are protecting their most important assets with Record360.

record360, product development

New features and improvements are being applied to the app and client portal each month. This article features an interview with the VP of Operations, Kat Gillis, who leads the product development, support, and client success teams at Record360.

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Franklin Equipment CTO, Harold Goings, join Record360 CEO Jesse Buckingham, for a Q&A about how technology can drive growth in the rental business.

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“We’re really remote, and I control 17 locations. So i’m able to see what the equipment looks like when it’s rent-ready before it goes to a customer. So I’m ensuring that the customer is getting something that they are paying for. And then, in return, we’re getting what we’re supposed to be returned.”

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This article covers highlights from our case study interview with Michel Allen, President and Co-Owner of Pioneer Equipment. They rely on Record360 rental inspection software to have a clear picture of their assets’ condition, and modernize their equipment rental processes.

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We sit down with Hunter Hinson from Flint Equipment Co. and learn practical tips and insights for hyper-efficient rental management, and the power Record360 provides the entire company.

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Road Machinery CEO Joel Cook, and General Manager of rental Jason Avery, join Record360 CEO Jesse Buckingham, for a Q&A about leadership and management in a successful rental business.

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