Running a rental and leasing business is no walk in the park. There’s often so much administrative work that it can become overwhelming. Adding to the complexity, managing customer interactions, and meeting their needs can be another ball game.

The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. With over 23 million inspections, we’ve shown that when using an easy-to-use software solution like Record360, you can streamline your workflow and set yourself up for success.

How can an inspection app help me avoid disputes, you ask? Below are five great ways Record360 can do this and so much more.

  1. Create Rock-solid Proof There’s nothing more frustrating than a case of “he-said-she-said” when a customer returns an asset, whether it’s a truck, a trailer, or any type of heavy equipment. You can prevent disputes with the help of high-quality video and photo features.Record360 allows you to store unlimited evidence of the condition of your asset during the initial inspection and at check-out. This serves as vital evidence that can be used in a dispute. With Record360, there’s no room for doubt.
  2. Improved Communication Excellent customer service doesn’t have to be a daunting task. You can ensure customers have a seamless experience during check-in and check-out. With Record360, you can request digital signatures or keep your customers up-to-date through their rental process via email or text notifications. Preventing miscommunication and confusion is crucial to the success of your customer service efforts. With Record360, you’ll be able to convey messages clearly and ensure that paperwork doesn’t keep you from being on top of your assets.
  3. Better Recordkeeping Keeping track of all the paperwork can be a real challenge. Suppose you rent out an asset and need to determine pre-existing damages. Determining pre-existing damages and holding customers accountable can be tough to prove without media evidence and a streamlined workflow. However, when your inspections are digitized through Record360, you’ll have traceable records a tap away.
  4. Customers’ Access to Important Documents Record360 can also help you ensure transparency. It is easy to use and allows the company’s employees, supervisors, and clients to share information, collaborate on projects, and quickly address concerns. When people can communicate directly with one another, they are less likely to have misunderstandings and conflicts that impede team productivity. This makes employees feel part of a larger whole, which boosts their morale and productivity.
  5. Less Frustrating Business Management Gone are the days when you carry tons of paperwork when conducting rental inspections. A paper process that can’t be streamlined to improve your workflow can slow you down and reduce the overall customer experience. Disputes often lead to frustration, but when you can simply tap your phone and have access to documentation, disputes are reduced significantly.

Prevent Disputes with Record360

In the age of digital innovation, you can harness the power of technology to build a successful rental and leasing business. Through clear communication, traceable records, and a better overall workflow, you can enjoy many years of success with Record360.

Schedule a demo today and increase your bottom line with digital inspections and a commitment to a stellar customer experience.