For both large corporate chains to independent companies, rental inspection software can save thousands of dollars in potential damage disputes, and vastly improve processes. Below are two examples of how equipment rental companies are protecting their assets — from air compressors to large aerial lifts — with Record360. Learn why having access to a world-class rental inspection app can be invaluable to your rental business.

“Everyone wants to save every dime they can save.”

Repairs and replacement parts, even for smaller items such as hoses, valves, fuel caps, fire extinguishers, add up quickly. Paper inspections won’t provide the concrete evidence needed to prove to a customer they are responsible. At Preferred Rentals, their selection of rental equipment runs the gamut:

  • Back hoes
  • Excavators (large and mini)
  • Forklifts
  • Generators
  • Compressors

Watch the clip below and see Robert Marvin, who runs counter sales for Preferred Rentals, explain why he believes:

For the rental business, I would think everyone would want Record360.”

“It’s been a beautiful product for us.”

At Premier Platforms, a 3 location, independently-owned, family business, they use Record360 to protect their 675+ assets during short and long term aerial lift rentals.

In their industry, seemingly insignificant damage to a large boom lift could run in excess of $10,000. And with only paper to rely upon, there is no way to prove to a customer that they are responsible. Record360 mobile inspection app is built to prevent that exact scenario from happening. 

In the short video below, Branch Coordinator, Shane Johnson, describes all the ways they use Record360 to improve their day-to-day operations while protecting their valuable assets.

“Going to a digital platform such as Record360 has been huge for us.”

They use Record360 at the point of delivery, and also throughout the rental, especially long-term rentals, to document the updates and then as a final check when the asset returns. 

The photo and video evidence collected by Record360 provides indisputable proof where and when damage occurred, including:

  • Time stamps
  • Geo-tags to show location
  • Condition at drop off and return

Don’t wait until after the next repair cost you have to eat. Request a demonstration of Record360 and start saving today.