We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Customers using Record360 get a 5-10x return on money in their first month (take it from John Deere & Komatsu directly).

Damage collections are great… 😄 But how else can Record360 transform your rental shop? Read on below.

1. Reduce damage disputes

Our photo & video technology provides rock-solid evidence. Send your customers a Record360 inspection and you’ll see your damage disputes go down. No more questions, just 100% certainty about your equipment’s condition.

2. Build customer trust & confidence = Get more repeat customers

Record360 gives your customers peace of mind. Our checklists give your customers a transparent rental inspection process, so they can see the condition of their equipment for themselves. Take the friction out of customer interactions to keep them coming back for more.

3. Retain employees with simple tech tools

The newest generation of shop employees wants simple tools that just work. Enter Record360. Give your guys our mobile app and let them take it from there. No more paper, no more tedious “desk work”. Differentiate yourself in the job market with our mobile-first operations.

4. Save time in the shop & turn your assets faster

Record360 digital inspections take an average of 90 seconds. Paper inspections? 5+ minutes. Reduce the time it takes your employees to get a piece of equipment rent-ready, so they can move on to the next big thing.

5. Improve cross-department efficiency

Are you running sticky notes between the shop & the front desk? Stop! Record360 lets you message your colleagues directly in our platform. Need to update the fuel or hour reading in your business system? Or ask whether the equipment is ready for rent? Record360 gives you information from other departments, at your fingertips.

6. Centralize (& digitize) your inspections

Record360 provides a one-stop-shop for your inspection and unit information. If a customer calls in to dispute the condition of their equipment; or marketing needs a recent video walkaround; or you’re not sure when the last maintenance inspection took place… Record360 houses all of that information in a single place, for everyone to access.

7. Schedule work for your team

Do you know what your team is working on? With Record360, you can. Our task management solution lets you assign tasks to anyone in the company and gives you a central ‘job board’ to track their work. No more confusion on who is supposed to be cleaning what machine. Assign your yard guys their work in Record360, and let the rest happen from there.

8. Automate communications with your customers

Your customer just returned a piece of equipment. Your yard guy checks it in, does a return inspection, and BOOM…minutes later, your customer has a copy of the condition report in their email inbox. Your customers will be impressed by your seamless communication and you’ll have a paper trail of your equipment returns.

9. Stay on top of PMs & compliance inspections

We can take any form or process and digitize it. This includes checklists for required maintenance (e.g. DOT safety & compliance forms) or preventative maintenance (e.g. maintenance schedules as provided by the manufacturer). Record360’s digital forms can guarantee compliance when you need it.

10. See how your business is doing over time

Our analytics show you firsthand how much damage you’re finding. You can measure damage by location and even employee, to see who is taking good care of your equipment. We also show you Record360 usage information (like total inspections, logins, and downloads), so you can make sure your employees are staying compliant.


Still not convinced? Try Record360 for yourself to see the difference. Reach out to us at [email protected] for a free trial.