Vehicle dealerships realize that warranty claims are important to customers, but we all know how frustrating that burden can be. You need to protect yourself.

Warranties are great because they give customers and dealers peace of mind. However, the reality is that claim forms need to be clear, well documented, and thorough to ensure expedient payment or payment at all for that matter. You likely lose time, deal with redundancies, and have tons of paperwork that will drive you insane!

This article will help you understand the common challenges that multi-location dealers have when handling warranty claims on equipment. We know that the journey comes with inefficiencies. That could make the initial submission confusing and will require more time to get to the eventual resolution. 

Those inefficiencies will lead to lost revenue, more operational costs, and customer dissatisfaction. However, we’ll explore the pain points dealers often face now.

Streamlining Warranty Claims: Tackling Inefficiencies

The goal is to streamline warranty claims as a dealership owner, which ultimately means tackling the company’s inefficiencies head-on. How do you do that? Here are a few tips:

  • Paperwork Overload – Have you ever stopped to think of how much paperwork is necessary to process a warranty claim? It’s overwhelming, though most employees will take the time to do it. Dealers tend to struggle with storage, document management, and manual data entry. What does that give you? You’re at risk for delays and significant human errors!
  • No Transparency – If you don’t have a streamlined system to help you deal with warranty claims, you can’t track each one’s status. There’s no transparency for the company, which makes it more difficult to ensure a quick resolution or monitor the progress.
  • Communication Problems – What happens when you’re dealing with multiple suppliers, manufacturers, and locations? Communication breaks down and is no longer effective. This means you take longer to resolve the issue, which brings on delays and other complications!
  • Redundancy – Dealerships often have to resubmit the same data over and over. This is a huge waste of time and causes redundant efforts on everyone’s part. Of course, that will frustrate your employees, but it also means that customers don’t get fast resolutions of their warranty claims. It’s a no-win situation for everyone.

How Record360 Can Help With Warranty Claims and Digitize the Journey for Dealerships

Have you been nodding your head while reading through the pain points listed earlier? Many dealerships encounter those problems, and they think there’s nothing they can do. However, hope is here!

Record360 is paving the way. You can modernize the way you handle your warranty claims and create digital inspection workflows that will make your life easier and help your guys enjoy their jobs more.

When you use digital inspection apps, your dealership can handle warranty claims more efficiently. Are you ready to navigate the world of warranty claims more easily? Discover how you can document every detail with photos, videos, and checklists, leaving no room for ambiguity.

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