Record360 is proud to announce its integration with HBS Systems, marking a significant milestone in enhancing efficiency and data accessibility for inspectors and managers.

The integration enables inspectors to seamlessly connect HBS Systems inventory with Record360, simplifying their workflow and reducing the time spent on administrative tasks. By being able to search and import HBS Systems unit inventory automatically into Record360 at the time of inspection, inspectors can focus more on assessing unit conditions rather than managing data logistics.

The integration provides managers with visibility into the unit condition and inspection history directly from their dealer management system. By accessing Record360 units from HBS Systems, managers can conveniently view a comprehensive inspection history for each unit, facilitating informed decision-making and proactive maintenance strategies.

Decision-makers within organizations can now address any hesitancies or roadblocks to adopting Record360. With the integration in place, businesses utilizing HBS Systems can leverage the combined capabilities of both platforms to optimize their asset management processes, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive business growth.

The integration addresses a critical gap for users. Previously, there was no straightforward option for automating data transfer between HBS Systems and Record360. This posed challenges for businesses relying on both platforms, leading to manual data entry, potential errors, and inefficiencies. By bridging this gap, we empower our users to streamline their inspection processes and effortlessly access crucial data.

Key Features:

  • Search, View, and Import Fresh Data. When starting an inspection, Record360 automatically imports a wide range of data and auto-fills checklist items, streamlining inspection processes and ensuring that all relevant information is captured and accessible throughout the platform.
  • Accessible Inspection History: Links to Record360 units will be available on the HBS Systems rental manager, unit pages, and repair orders. This will enable users to access the Record360 dashboard and effortlessly view each unit’s full inspection history.

Record360’s integration with HBS Systems marks a significant asset management and inspection technology advancement. By addressing existing challenges and empowering users with enhanced efficiency and accessibility, we are committed to driving innovation and facilitating seamless operations for businesses across various industries.

Join us in embracing the future of asset management, where integration and collaboration pave the way for success.