Your trucks will likely run hundreds of thousands of miles for each customer, so it’s important to perform detailed assessments periodically. Ultimately, 90-point inspections are a great solution because they ensure an accurate and thorough evaluation each time.

Did you know that Record360 can help you with your 90-point inspection process? You can enhance reliability and efficiency with one checklist for all vehicle evaluations.

Learn about common inspection points, why detailed assessments are important within the trucking industry, and how our platform can be cost-effective.

Why Detailed Assessments Are Essential for Your Rental Business

A large fleet of vehicles can help you improve your bottom line, but you must perform routine maintenance to ensure they are in excellent condition.

Typically, detailed assessments will ensure that the equipment is running smoothly. Each system will be updated, which means customers may have fewer issues on the road. Here are just a few reasons to inspect vehicles after every rental:

  • Safeguard Your Assets – Your vehicles are valuable assets, and you must always protect them. Any damage done by a customer could affect your profitability. When you conduct inspections before and after they return, you can identify issues and hold the user accountable for any new damages you find.

  • Protect Your Customers – Customers are your top priority; without them, you don’t have a business. Therefore, when a vehicle is returned, you should thoroughly inspect it to ensure it’s safe for the next person.

Common Inspection Points Used for Complete Visibility

Most rental companies want to protect their investment, so it’s important to check all systems and equipment before the trucks are used and returned to the shop’s location. This makes it much easier to address concerns.

A multi-point inspection consists of many things. In most cases, you will check the vehicle’s:

  • Suspension system

  • Windshield and windows

  • Front/rear wipers

  • Battery

  • Filters

  • Fluids

  • Headlights and taillights

  • Turn signals

  • Tires

  • Brakes

  • Everything under the hood

Streamline the Collection of Damages and Reduce Disputes

You must protect your fleet at all times. With Record360, you can address concerns with specific units as needed. In most cases, you can use video or photo evidence to show the customer they caused damage, streamlining damage collections.

Create Excellent Support Services Through Text Messages and More

Keeping your fleet running smoothly is impossible if the company’s technicians don’t know anything is wrong. Record360 offers various integration options, allowing you to stay in touch with everyone. Whether you send a text message or a notification, they understand which vehicles need maintenance or repairs. You can also schedule internal tasks to follow up on service requests! 

Final Thoughts on Streamlining 90-point Truck Inspections with Record360

Vehicles have many systems and components to check, and it’s important to streamline your 90-point truck inspections. Record360 can assist. You can service them more quickly. Check out the many new features that make it easier to handle business operations.

Whether you’re hoping to add certain vehicles to the sales floor or want access to information quickly, Record360 makes it easy. Request your free demo today.