Record360 CEO, Jesse Buckingham, hosted Franklin Equipment CTO, Harold Goings, for a discussion about how technology can drive growth in the rental business.

It was an in-depth conversation session that included topics ranging from key KPIs, process automation, the impact of new technology and rental inspection software on the rental business, and the importance of aligning sales, rental, and service to grow a successful business. See below for time stamps on specific topics.

“It’s really helped our recovery when it comes to customer damage.”
– Harold Goings, CTO, Franklin Equipment


  • 2:35 – About Franklin Equipment
  • 4:30 – Managing Covid and 2020 challenges
  • 6:25 – Hiring challenges and material costs
  • 9:29 – Technology Tools for Rental, Big Data, KPIs
  • 14:01 – Franklin App Development
  • 18:22 – Thoughts on Sales vs Rental
  • 24:31 – How Franklin uses Record360 and its impact
  • 26:58 – Optimizing Rental Processes and Workflows
  • 28:35 – Damage costs before Record360
  • 30:27 – Operations before Record360
  • 32:20 – Ensuring team members follow operational policies and adhere to company ​culture
  • 34:31 – How the trend towards automation will impact and improve rental operations:
  • 37:19 – Equipment rental trends that give you concern
  • 40:20 – Franklin’s culture of innovation

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