Media customizations play a pivotal role in enhancing the user experience with Record360, a comprehensive inspection and asset management software. With an array of customization options, users can tailor their media settings to suit their specific needs and preferences. By providing flexibility and control over these media settings, Record360 ensures a seamless and personalized experience, ultimately improving user satisfaction and productivity.

Whether it’s for documentation, inventory management, or other purposes, media customizations in Record360 elevate the overall usability and effectiveness of the software.

Record360 Media Tab

At Record360, we value customer feedback and preferences. That’s why we offer the flexibility to re-order the media tab within your workflows, giving you the freedom to take photos and videos at any point in your inspection process. Recently, we’ve noticed a growing trend of customers requesting the media tab to be positioned at the beginning of their workflows. This way, technicians can capture pictures first, before moving on to other sections of the workflow.. We are dedicated to providing a customizable experience that caters to your specific needs and workflow requirements.

Instructional Overlays

At Record360, we understand that each customer has a unique process for taking photos. We offer the flexibility to have a different number of instructional overlays compared to the required photos. For example, if a customer needs to capture 10 standard photos but also wants an additional 11th overlay for damage photos, we can accommodate that. This way, we create 11 overlays to meet their specific needs while keeping the workflow at only 10 required photos. Our customization ensures customers can capture necessary documentation and accommodate any extra photo requirements they may have. 

Media Overlays

Media overlays are valuable for capturing detailed images of vehicle parts. They have line drawings that overlay the vehicle, guiding photographers to focus on specific areas during the photo-taking process. This ensures clear and precise images, ideal for documentation, inventory management, and marketing. While there may be additional costs, the enhanced quality and accuracy make them a worthwhile investment.

Flip the Buttons

Flip the Buttons is a customizable feature that lets users arrange photo and video buttons based on their team’s preferences. Mostly taking photos?  Display the photo button front and center.  Want to ensure your team is taking video?  Display the video button in the center of the screen.  You can also remove either the photo or video button entirely if you want to remove the option to take a photo or video.

Disable the Sound 

Disabling sound is a convenient option to avoid uncomfortable situations. It prevents devices from audio while taking a video. By proactively turning off the sound, individuals can maintain a respectful and considerate atmosphere, eliminating extraneous noise or colorful commentary.

Force or Disable Time Stamps 

The option to force or disable time stamps offers users flexibility beyond inspections. Disabling the time stamp removes it from photos, making them more versatile for social media, presentations, or other projects. Having control over the time stamp enhances the photos’ usefulness and aesthetic appeal, ensuring they can be utilized in various contexts.

Final Thoughts

Record360’s media customizations empower users to elevate their experience. Customize the media tab placement, photo overlays, photo prompt flow, and more. Enhance efficiency and tailor the software to your specific needs. Capture detailed images with photo screens, customize button order, disable sound, and control time stamps. Unleash your media potential with Record360’s customizable features.

Request a demo and get your team up and running! With over 23 million inspections at 2,000 locations nationwide, Record360 is the #1 inspection app. Increase your bottom line with digital inspections and a commitment to a stellar customer experience.

Disclaimer: Please note that additional costs may apply for certain customizations or features offered by Record360. While many customization options are included in our standard package, certain advanced or specialized customizations may require additional fees. Our team will be happy to provide detailed information about pricing and any additional charges related to specific customizations. Please contact [email protected] for more information.