Managing your equipment inspection forms can be a total nightmare if you’re running a massive fleet.

Plus, if you’re still using the archaic pen and paper to conduct your equipment inspections to your entire equipment rental process, your process is bound to grow inefficient. (If it isn’t already.)

That’s why choosing the paperless route is crucial.

With dependable equipment inspection software, you can achieve streamlined and efficient asset rental management and inspections, saving you a huge chunk of your time and resources.

This guide covers five reasons why you should use a digital equipment inspection form and how a reliable app with robust features can help with seamless asset inspections and management.

1. A digital equipment inspection form provides complete flexibility

Electronic asset inspection solutions provide an easily customizable equipment checkout form template.

This gives your team the flexibility needed to inspect various pieces of machinery efficiently. Your staff can use a standard, modifiable equipment sign out sheet directly from a mobile device.

This can significantly cut down on the time and energy it takes to conduct your equipment inspections before releasing them to customers and after getting the machinery back. 

The Record360 rental equipment inspection software has digital forms that equipment rental companies can use to streamline their inspection processes.

With this feature, your team can conduct inspections quickly, set it to auto-email your customers and fleet managers, and save it on the cloud for easy documentation and access. 

Inspectors can sign off on the report and get customer e-signatures on the fly, streamlining the equipment check out sheet and the entire inspection process.

Shane Johnson, Premier Platforms Branch Coordinator, uses Record360 to digitize their processes to maximize the productivity of their 675+ asset fleet.

He stated:

Going to a digital platform such as Record360 has been huge for us.

He added that they use Record360 at the point of delivery and throughout the rental, to document the updates and then as a final check when the asset returns.

Eliminating clunky and time-consuming paper-based inspections helps your team get everything done faster. 

Also, the ease and efficiency that a digital equipment inspection form encourages a proactive environment for performing regular and comprehensive inspections.

2. A paperless equipment checkout form allows absolute mobility

Data shows that regular updating and equipment inspections can mitigate some of the risks of construction and save the lives of 582 workers in the U.S. each year. 

However, sticking to manual and paper-based equipment inspections can make it easy to miss critical equipment defects and damages. This can lead to malfunctions and accidents in the field, which means potential costly liabilities for your company. 

A digital equipment checkout form helps your team cover all the bases, more ground, and project sites since it takes less time to accomplish electronic inspection forms. 

Along with using an equipment checkout form template, you can capture visual verification of your asset’s condition and damages with an inspection software that lets you take high-resolution photos and videos via your mobile device and attach it to your reports. 

This makes it easier to share, access, and send out your equipment check out sheet, equipment return form, and other inspection data anytime and anywhere.  

You can also save and reuse your digital equipment check out form. Your staff won’t need to create a new checklist every time and instead refer to previous data and use an equipment checkout form template

You can also combine your equipment checkout form or checklist with other data to uncover deeper insights such as your workflow trends. This can give your management team a big-picture view of your operations and make necessary adjustments for process improvement.  

3. A digital equipment check out form improves communication and collaboration

Whether from your equipment return form or equipment sheet, all your asset inspection data should be subject to analysis constantly. 

Doing so helps you assess what you’re doing right, where you’re losing money, and the areas in your process that are open to high liability risks.

Electronic equipment inspection forms and digital methods make this process more efficient. These eliminate the need for moving mountains of paperwork across people and floors. 

A digitized equipment checkout form template and inspection system streamline your asset management. This includes recording data on your equipment return form, filing your equipment sheet, and reviewing and analyzing all your inspection and asset management info. 

4. Electronic equipment inspection forms facilitate real-time reporting

Paperless equipment inspections allow real-time reporting. You can do everything digitally, including your equipment check out form, equipment sheet, and other related documents. 

This allows for live data capturing and transmitting, expediting your inspection and rental process.    

Your team won’t need to wait to receive the paperwork to kick off the asset rental process since your team can send assessments via the equipment inspection software to your managers while the inspection is happening. 

This can significantly reduce time spent on gathering and compiling your equipment sheet, encoding, sorting equipment return form data, analyzing, and reporting through multiple channels. 

Record360 makes this a seamless and efficient process through the app’s dashboard. It gives you a quick view of your fleet’s condition in real-time. 

You’ll get instant insights, learn your assets’ total damages, and access all the information easily for damage disputes.

According to Vicky Cummings, Cummings Leasing Rental Manager:

Record360 gives you the crystal-clear pictures you need to prevent disputes.

A digital equipment inspection form reduces the hoops your team needs to go through to record and relay damages and reports. 

It opens up a communication route through equipment inspection software that allows concerned management and staff access to real-time information.

5. A digitized equipment check out sheet boosts asset inspection and management efficiency

A lack of regular and thorough equipment inspection can lead to unexpected malfunctions or, worse, accidents and injuries.

Not only can this open up your company to expensive liabilities, but if the accident happens within your team, you lose significant manpower and precious work hours. 

Data shows that more than 235,000 workers were forced to miss work hours due to injuries from contact with equipment and objects. 

A streamlined asset inspection process through a digital equipment check out sheet and other electronically acquired data can help mitigate this kind of risk. 

Digital equipment inspection checklists can help instill discipline in conducting thorough assessments.    

Plus, with everything done electronically, your team can complete inspections in minutes and send the report immediately to a centralized database in your equipment inspection software

This saves your management staff valuable time spent searching for information, creating reports, and scheduling and planning inspections. 

It’s also easier for managers to access previous equipment inspection and management reports and data for corrective actions, comparative purposes, and further data verification.

Frequently asked questions about equipment inventory management

Below are a few of the commonly asked questions about equipment inventory management.

What is an equipment management system?

An equipment management system is essentially a process that includes managing, monitoring, and maintaining your assets. 

It helps ensure proper equipment utilization, deployment, and reallocation of assets quickly when and where they are needed.

How do you manage equipment inventory?

Most leading companies opt for user-friendly, modern equipment inventory systems that match the business’s needs. 

Reliable software automates many equipment management background work and streamlines processes.

What is an equipment inventory list?

An equipment inventory list includes all the information related to every asset you have, such as the model, serial number, dimensions, purchase date, etc. It helps ensure proper equipment tracking, management, maintenance, and deployment. 

Wrapping up the digital equipment inspection form benefits

Using a digital equipment inspection form expedites your workflows, streamlines your rental process, protects your business from damage disputes, and makes your asset management more efficient. 

It helps your team do their jobs more effectively.

You also get standardized and easy-to-access equipment inspection data and gain better visibility into your assets and processes.   

If you want to get all these and more from one equipment inspection software, schedule a demonstration of Record360 today.