Start your inspections off right with customized workflows. Record360 offers a range of customizable features that allow you to tailor your inspection process to your specific needs. From automating workflow selection and auto-populating relevant information to personalizing the reference screen and enforcing specific requirements, our platform empowers you to kick off your inspections in a way that aligns perfectly with your process.


By customizing your workflows, you can ensure a smooth and efficient inspection process, saving time and increasing accuracy. Experience the power of tailored workflows with Record360 and elevate your inspection process to the next level.

Workflow Selection Mapping

At Record360, we offer a convenient feature for customers to streamline their workflow processes. By providing a .CSV file with unit data that indicates which workflow should be used for each unit, our system can automatically launch the user into the correct workflow when the unit is entered into the mobile app. This automation eliminates manual work, ensuring a seamless transition from data entry to workflow initiation.


Auto-populate is a convenient feature that displays a dropdown with available units when starting an inspection. This feature allows a user to start typing a unit number in the mobile app, and select the correct unit from the dropdown without having to type the entire unit number. This eliminates manual input, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. It saves time, reduces errors, and enhances productivity, freeing users to focus on other important tasks. Incorporating serial numbers has proven valuable to customers using Record360. They can easily input complete serial numbers and initiate auto-population by typing only the final digits, streamlining the process. Auto-populate simplifies data entry and ensures seamless integration within the system.

Reference screen

We prioritize customization to meet your unique needs. You can personalize the ‘Enter Unit or Reference Number’ area. For example, if you prefer ‘Enter VIN’ or ‘Enter License Plate’ we’ll make that adjustment. At Record360, we strive to provide a personalized experience that perfectly aligns with your requirements.

Force Caps

Force Caps is a useful feature that sets the reference screen text box to accept only capitalized letters. When enabled, all input will be automatically converted to uppercase. This ensures consistency in data entry, especially for reference numbers, codes, or identification purposes. With Force Caps, you save time and maintain a uniform format throughout your system, enhancing professionalism and data clarity. It’s a convenient way to enforce uppercase letters effortlessly.

Reference Number Security

Reference Number Security is a crucial feature that warns users when attempting to create a unit not present in the system. If a user encounters this situation, they receive a clear message like, “You have created a unit that does not exist” and are guided back to the previous step. The other choice we offer is to provide a warning before proceeding, which will also notify the location manager via email. This flexibility ensures efficient unit management and informs stakeholders about new unit additions. It safeguards and prevents the creation of erroneous or invalid units, ensuring data accuracy and integrity. It guarantees that only valid and recognized units are created, promoting a reliable and efficient workflow.

Barcode scanner by default

To enhance user experience, we’ll automatically launch the barcode scanner when the user selects “start.” No initial manual entry for the unit ID will be required; the scanner will appear immediately. This setup will be based on the user’s location. Depending on your operating system, you can scan barcodes or QR codes. 


Record360’s Departments feature enables simultaneous multiple inspections across various workflows, seamlessly integrating inspection processes throughout the entire business. Whether it’s rental, service, maintenance, warranty, new inventory, or re-marketing inspections, Record360 tracks asset condition across their lifecycle. This powerful suite of tools offers digital inspections, facilitates used equipment sales, and streamlines service department operations. Record360 separates workflows by department, providing each user in the business with a distinct user experience tailored to their specific roles and responsibilities.

Department Filtering

The image shows open transactions for the same units across different departments. We can introduce ‘department filtering,’ a feature that allows users to exclude open transactions from other departments. This way, users can focus solely on available transactions within their desired department, catering to their preferences.

Re-ordering workflow steps

At Record360, we value the significance of workflow orders for our customers. We allow you to re-order workflows according to your preferences to enhance efficiency and streamline processes. We can accommodate your requirements if you want the user to fill out a checklist or take pictures before moving on to the next steps. We aim to empower you with a customizable solution that optimizes your operations and boosts productivity.

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Final Thoughts

By customizing your workflows with Record360, you can supercharge your inspections from the very start. Our platform offers a wide range of customizable features that allow you to tailor your inspection process to meet your specific needs. Whether automating workflow selection, auto-populating information, personalizing the reference screen, or enforcing specific requirements, Record360 empowers you to kick off your inspections in a way that aligns perfectly with your unique workflow. Customizing your workflows can ensure a seamless and efficient inspection process, saving valuable time and increasing accuracy. Experience the transformative power of tailored workflows with Record360 and elevate your inspection experience from the get-go.

Disclaimer: Please note that additional costs may apply for certain customizations or features offered by Record360. While many customization options are included in our standard package, certain advanced or specialized customizations may require additional fees. Our team will be happy to provide detailed information about pricing and any additional charges related to specific customizations. Please contact [email protected] for more information.