If you haven’t seen… our Departments functionality just got more powerful. You can now complete multiple inspections across your departments & workflows at once, without interruption. Connect your entire business’ inspection process in Record360.

Need to do a service inspection while a unit is out on rent? No problem – simply check the unit out with a rental inspection, complete the service inspection when needed, and check the unit back in at the end of the rental. No need to interrupt the rental inspection process. Your teams can operate their own inspection processes without affecting another team.

The Story of a Dozer

Perform Multiple Inspections on an Asset at a Time

Record360 now allows you to perform multiple inspections on an asset at the same time, across departments and workflows. From intake inspections to rental, service, DOT, re-marketing, and beyond… all your work can happen in parallel.

Integrate Inspections Across Your Business

Inspections aren’t just for rental. The need for service, maintenance, warranty, and re-marketing inspections is increasing. Let Record360 be the hub for inspections across your business, to track the condition of your assets across their lifecycle.

The Record360 suite of products is the easiest way for you to upgrade your customer experience. Create digital inspections, sell used equipment & enable your service department—all in a single tool. Want to get started? Sign up for a demo here!