Record360 is the #1 inspection app in the trucking industry. It’s an online tool that helps businesses take pictures and videos to keep track of their inspections, audits, and inventory. Businesses can get some extra helpful features if they choose our professional plan. 

For example, the task calendar helps businesses keep track of what tasks they need to do and who is doing them. Also, businesses can create workflows and forms to customize their processes. E-signatures let businesses sign documents online, which saves time and is more secure. The professional plan also allows businesses to separate departments to ensure the right people can access the right information to complete service/maintenance transactions during the contract period of your rental. By upgrading to the professional plan, businesses can become more efficient, work together, and make better decisions.

Task Calendar 

The Task Calendar in Record360 is a tool for managing tasks and assignments. Each task appears as a “card” with information like the name, due date, and responsible party. The Task Calendar provides an overview of tasks, making it especially useful for businesses with many team members or tasks. This allows office staff to easily communicate and add pertinent information (i.e. make, model, year, etc.) to drafts to expedite the process for on-the-field technicians that do not have easy access to this information. It also supports communication and collaboration, allowing team members to leave comments and updates on tasks. The Task Calendar can assign draft inspections, saving time and reducing errors.

Ability to Separate Departments

With the professional plan, businesses can separate departments, creating customized workflows for each. This feature ensures that each department has its processes, allowing accurate documentation. In addition, you can complete service/maintenance transactions during the contract period of your rental. It also offers access control, security, and collaboration. This feature allows businesses to streamline communication, assign tasks to specific individuals, and improve efficiency.

Workflows/Digital Forms 

The professional plan allows businesses to create digital forms and workflows that can be customized to meet their needs. For example, DOT forms are federally regulated, and Record360 can meet those requirements. This ensures that all the necessary information is captured accurately and consistently, improving efficiency and accuracy. The flexibility and scalability of this feature enable businesses to adapt and grow their documentation processes over time, improving collaboration and decision-making.


E-signatures are digital signatures that can be used to capture customer approval for inspections and additional work. They replace paper signatures, reducing mistakes and lost documents. E-signatures are helpful when customers are not present for inspections or need to approve work remotely. E-signatures can also improve efficiency and organization. They can be easily captured and stored in a central location, are more secure, and will soon allow you to load your contract for signature. Additionally, e-signatures can help with compliance and security by ensuring that the signature is authentic and the document is not altered.

SMS Texting

SMS is a professional feature of Record360 that enables businesses to send customer inspection reports via text. This is a convenient and efficient way to deliver reports. It saves time and money while improving customer satisfaction. SMS provides a simplified and easy-to-understand summary of the inspection results, making it an ideal tool for businesses. SMS streamlines their inspection and reporting processes.

Record360 is an online tool for inspections, audits, and inventory. The professional plan provides benefits such as the ability to separate departments, workflows and digital forms, e-signatures, and SMS texting. Upgrading to the professional plan can improve efficiency, organization, and decision-making.

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