Get ready to be amazed by the exciting June feature update from Record360! We’re thrilled to introduce some incredible enhancements that will take your inspection process to the next level.

With the latest update, you can now enjoy the remarkable Before & After Photo Comparison feature, conveniently send SMS through our mobile apps, and seamlessly integrate with Zapier.  Let’s dive in and discover the power of each update in greater detail.

Before & After Photo Comparison

Are you a rental manager who often finds yourself juggling multiple tabs to compare check-out and check-in photos? We have some exciting news for you! Introducing our latest feature: Before & After Photo Comparison.

Improved Visual Experience with Larger Photo Thumbnails

We understand the importance of clear and detailed visuals when it comes to inspections. That’s why we have improved the visual experience by providing larger photo thumbnails. With this enhancement, you can quickly scan through the photos and get a 50% larger overview of asset condition.

Viewing Media from the Checkout on the Check-in Inspection

Gone are the days of switching between different tabs to view media from the checkout during the check-in inspection. With our new feature, you can access and display media from the checkout directly on the check-in inspection page. This integration saves you time and eliminates the hassle of navigating through multiple interfaces.

Compare Check-out and Check-in Media Side by Side

Our Before & After Photo Comparison feature allows you the ability to compare check-out and check-in media side by side. This comparison view allows you to easily spot any differences or damages between the two sets of photos. By visually aligning the images, you can ensure that nothing goes unnoticed and address any concerns promptly.

Utilize Comparison Mode and Expanded In-line Mode

To further enhance your inspection process, we offer two viewing modes: comparison mode and expanded in-line mode. In comparison mode, you can view the check-out and check-in media side by side, providing a comprehensive before and after analysis. The expanded in-line mode allows you to view larger versions of the images directly within the inspection form, making it easier to identify and document any damages.

Streamlined Damage Tag Filtering

Identifying damages quickly and efficiently is crucial for rental managers. Our Before & After Photo Comparison feature includes a streamlined damage tag filtering system. By utilizing specific tags, you can filter the photos to focus solely on specific damages. This targeted approach saves you time and allows for a more thorough inspection process.

Benefits of Before & After Photo Comparison

The introduction of Before & After Photo Comparison brings numerous benefits to rental managers. Here are some of the advantages you can expect:

Improved Efficiency: 

Say goodbye to the hassle of opening multiple tabs or applications to compare check-out and check-in photos. 

Enhanced Accuracy: 

By visually comparing before and after photos, you can ensure that no damages go unnoticed. 

Time Savings: 

With all the necessary tools and information in one place, you can save valuable time during inspections. 

Better Customer Communication: 

This improved communication fosters trust and satisfaction among your clients.

** Available for all customers on our standard plan and above. 

SMS in the Mobile App

Effective communication is key to providing exceptional customer service. Our new SMS feature simplifies the inspection process by allowing inspectors to send reports directly to customers via texting. 

The SMS Feature: Enhancing Inspections

Inspectors can now send inspection reports quickly and conveniently via texting, eliminating the need for lengthy email exchanges or physical copies. This feature ensures timely delivery and improves the overall efficiency of the inspection process.

Streamlining Customer Service

The SMS feature provides an additional communication channel alongside email, allowing customers to choose their preferred method of receiving inspection reports. This flexibility enhances customer service by providing immediate access to vital information.

Immediate Access to Inspection Reports

With the SMS feature, customers receive instant copies of their inspection reports, enabling them to make prompt decisions. This feature is particularly useful for time-sensitive situations.

On-the-Spot Review of Photos and Videos

Customers can conveniently review photos and videos related to their inspections directly on their mobile devices through the SMS feature. This real-time access facilitates better understanding and enables timely discussions.

** Available for all customers on the Professional plan and above and for users in the US/Canada only.

New Integration with Zapier

Seamless integration between software systems is crucial for effective data management and streamlined operations. With our upcoming integration with Zapier, connecting different applications becomes effortless, enabling businesses to exchange data with minimal tech support. This integration empowers users of Record360 to exchange data seamlessly. 

The Power of Integration

Businesses rely on multiple software systems, but connecting them for smooth data flow is challenging. Zapier simplifies this process, saving time and resources.

The Significance of Record360

Record360 helps manage assets, inspections, and task completion. It’s a user-friendly interface and robust features ensure operational efficiency.

Understanding Zapier and Its Capabilities

Zapier is a powerful integration platform that automates workflows and data transfers between applications, eliminating complex coding or IT expertise.

Streamlining Data Transfer with Zapier Integration

Zapier integration with Record360 allows seamless data flow, reducing errors and manual work. It simplifies communication between systems.

Simplifying Integration Use Cases

Zapier integration simplifies complex integration use cases. Users can create integrations quickly using drag-and-drop actions.

Connecting Record360 with Other Applications

Record360 users can integrate with various applications available in the Zapier store, creating a cohesive workflow that suits their needs.

Benefits for Business Operators

Zapier integration with Record360 offers a user-friendly solution to automate data transfer, enhancing efficiency and the flow of information.

Experience the power of integration with Zapier and simplify your data management and operations.

**Available in Zapier app store.  

The June feature update from Record360 is set to amaze you. We are excited to bring you a range of enhancements that will revolutionize your inspection process. With this latest update, you can experience the extraordinary Before & After Photo Comparison feature, effortlessly send SMS using our mobile apps, and seamlessly integrate with Zapier.