Learning how to create DOT forms that match the industry’s requirements can be easy when you use Record360. In fact, our advanced tools ensure compliance because they are professional and tailored to meet your needs.

As a rental company, you probably focus on multiple locations and have various contracts. They must all be in tip-top shape, and our tool will help you achieve your goals based on specific industry standards.

Today, you’ll discover how Record360 can help you create DOT forms that match industry requirements perfectly. Our advanced tools ensure everything is compliant, professional, and designed to meet your needs. Learn more about our seamless, tailored solutions and how they can benefit your business.

Less Paper for Your Vehicle/Equipment Rental Business

Being allowed to get inspection reports directly on your mobile device will help you capture photos and videos, create data, and securely access them online.

With so many rental contracts, it’s difficult to keep things straight. However, our tool enables users to ensure that everything is compliant. You’ll develop professional forms with ease.

Fewer Damage Disputes for Your Rental Company

If your rental business requires heavy machinery or semi-trucks to transport things, you will need Record360. It offers photo and video evidence, ensuring there won’t be as many damage disputes.

Using Record360 to create inspection forms ensures fleet managers know what’s happening and can pinpoint any issue within the rental process.

Can Take Immediate Action from Anywhere (Multiple Locations)

Your goal is to make informed decisions about your fleet. Avoid failed inspections by having a list of required checks. Likewise, you can schedule emails, include internal comments, and assign tasks to prevent issues.

Focus on Inventory Management

During the rental inspection process, you will likely determine which parts you may need or are running out of. Using components for maintenance or repairs, you can reorder them to service future equipment.

Stay Compliant

One of the business benefits of using Record360 to ensure that DOT forms meet industry standards is to stay compliant. In most cases, the Department of Transportation will require you to use a driver’s license scanner and perform an OFAC check.

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) must put out the Federal Annual DOT, which includes various data about jobs created, vehicle inspection reports, and more.

Ultimately, the type of annual vehicle inspection report you choose depends on various things. For example, what equipment do you rent? How often must you perform maintenance or service on the trucks and cars?

How Inspection Apps Streamline the Process of Filling out DOT Forms

While you may use accounting software to keep track of payments to vendors, suppliers, and others, you also have to service your fleet and ensure the vehicles are ready to go.

Record360 offers a crucial app with all the new features you crave. In fact, you can create and complete your DOT forms with ease. This tool is cost-efficient and gives you peace of mind because you know you’re following the rules and processes required by the federal government.

Are you ready to test out the Record360 app? It could be a great asset to your team. Request your demo of the software today; you’ll be surprised that it meets your specific needs.