Equipment is an important part of any business. In many cases, a great deal of capital is used to purchase machinery, and protecting your equipment is imperative.

At Record360, we have been helping businesses take control of their rental equipment for over a decade now. This article will provide insight into how our intuitive mobile app can help you manage your construction equipment effectively.

What Is Equipment Maintenance Software?

Before we proceed, we want to make sure that you have a good understanding of heavy equipment maintenance software.

This software application is a specialized tool that simplifies and optimizes the oversight of maintenance tasks for various equipment and machinery. It makes it easier to schedule preventative maintenance, handle work orders, and track assets.

This, in turn, helps ensure the machinery runs smoothly. Organizations that automate maintenance procedures can increase equipment reliability, prolong their assets’ lifespan, and eliminate unscheduled equipment downtime.

How Our Mobile App Can Help You Maintain Your Construction Equipment

Gone are the days when files, clipboards, pens, and paper trails were necessary for proper maintenance. Today, you can use an intuitive software application on your mobile device to prevent equipment failure and ensure that equipment repair is conducted timeously. Here are a few reasons to add Record360 to your maintenance strategy:

Reduce Downtime with Proactive Maintenance Tasks

The truth is that poor management of machinery and maintenance requests can lead to unplanned downtime. However, by being able to keep track of maintenance practices, you can ensure that there is always sufficient equipment available.

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Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

When you can plan, you can hire maintenance technicians at their normal rate. By the time many companies realize that there is a problem with one of their heavy-duty tools, it’s too late. They often have to pay after-hour rates to have someone repair them. However, by logging the status of your heavy equipment on our mobile app, you will always have access to real-time data and can plan.

Capture E-signatures

If you need to conduct an inspection, there’s no need to print documents to create a record. Simply log in to your Record360 app and sign away!

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Get Access to Information Quickly and Easily

When you use our app, you won’t have to call an administrator or head to your work desk to view maintenance history. Our maintenance software allows you to access information quickly and easily from just about anywhere, whether you’re 10 feet off the ground or in a warehouse!

Try Record360 for Yourself!

If you are ready to take your operational activities to the next level, then you should include Record360 as part of your maintenance strategies. By scheduling maintenance, helping you to keep track of equipment availability, and so much more, you can prevent costly errors.

To try our software out for yourself and enjoy the benefits our mobile app has to offer,  request a demo today!