Inspection apps have come to stay, and it’s time for you to discover how powerful they can be. 

Even though many business owners are still reluctant to use these newer platforms, they have proven helpful in optimizing workflow and boosting productivity.

Many overlooked benefits come from inspection apps; today, we’ll walk you through seven of them!

Discover the Benefits of Having an Inspection App

#1 – Simplifying Workflows

The best benefit you’ll get from an inspection app is simplifying workflows. When inspecting heavy equipment or machinery, many manual and repetitive tasks will take a lot of money and time from your team.

You can assign maintenance/inspection tasks to your team by simplifying workflows. If anything happens during the job, you can set up the platform to set a notification trigger to let everyone know. 

Simplifying workflows eliminates human error, saving you money in the long run.

#2 – Higher Accuracy and Consistency

Inspection platforms offer plenty of tools to manage your tasks. Record360, for example, offers high-quality videos, photos, and notifications.

Using these three powerful tools will help you be more consistent and accurate in every inspection, allowing you to pinpoint specific details about every piece of equipment.

#3 – Higher Efficiency

Having a digital platform where you can manage all your inspection tasks will result in better communication and, therefore, higher efficiency throughout your team. 

Everyone will feel more productive even though they’re not getting as exhausted as before!

#4 – Better Risk Management

Since you can use visual documentation for your inspections, you can identify and prioritize safety risks before it’s too late. 

Also, you can use your inspection app and the inspection history of specific machines to identify any potentially harmful trends. Setting up your app to send notifications whenever there’s an immediate concern will improve your risk management.

#5 – Improved Data Collection

Gathering inspection data on paper isn’t as convenient anymore. It’s too easy to miss details and lose important information later. 

With the power of inspection apps, you can collect as much information as you want from your inspections and share it with relevant team members. This way, everyone gets a detailed report of everything going on.

#6 – Regulatory Compliance

An inspection app can help your business maintain industry compliance and improve transparency. 

These platforms are designed to provide an easy way to access your inspection data, so if you’re asked for an audit trail, you can use the app to get all the information needed regarding inspections, repairs, and maintenance sessions.

#7 – Accessibility

Apps like Record360 allow you to keep track of everything meaningful regardless of where you are. 

You don’t have to waste time looking through paperwork or spending all day looking through paperwork. With Record360, you can access all relevant data from your desktop and mobile devices, which will help you save time and money.

Bottom Line

Inspection apps can help you go beyond what an introductory inspection offers. Not only will you get easier access to your maintenance data and reports, but you’ll also promote a better and more productive working environment for everyone.

All these benefits could translate into higher profits for your company, so why not start today? Try out Record360 and all the inspection tools it has to offer.