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Record360 Can Integrate with Any ERP—Here’s How

The #1 question we get from prospective customers is…

Do you integrate with my business system? (e.g. CDK, Point of Rental, and many more)

The answer is a resounding YES! Record360 can integrate with your process and business system, and we’ve done this for the past 7 years for 1,500 locations and counting. Not only that, we do it without any engineering or technical expertise from you.

How do we do it?

There are three primary methods we use to get inventory & work order data from your business system into Record360. Once setup, you can map the data into your Record360 inspections to save time and reduce errors.

1. Native Integrations

For some business systems, we have bi-directional integrations that let us pull data out and send data back in. We work directly with your business system to turn on the integration for you (it’s as simple as flipping a switch). We currently have bi-directional integrations with these systems:

  • Karmak
  • Procede
  • Softbase
  • TSD

2. Inventory Uploader

Some business systems don’t support bi-directional integrations. When this is the case, we use our CSV uploader to get your inventory & work order data into Record360.

With this method, you will go into your business system and setup a report with all the inventory or work order data you want to include. You will then schedule this to be sent to a custom Record360 email address on a regular cadence (e.g. every 5 minutes). Record360 then receives & processes this data for you.

The drawback of this method is that it calls for a little bit of setup by you. But it still does not require any engineering or technical expertise; and the data looks the same in Record360. Here’s a list of systems we have worked with in the past:

  • CDK
  • Point of Rental
  • DIS
  • Prelude
  • Cobalt
  • e-Emphasys x Crystal Reports
  • Enrich
  • EquipSoft
  • Karmak
  • McLeod
  • Procede
  • TSD
  • Wynne Rentalman
  • Foresight
  • Microsoft Dynamics

Don’t see your system on this list? Rest assured we can make it work. Reach out to us at [email protected] to learn more.

3. API

Lastly, we have available APIs (REST & GraphQL) to support a wide variety of integrations and use cases. We can work with your technical team to help you create assets in Record360, automate business workflows, keep your data in sync, and much more. Our flexible architecture lets you connect with the tools your team uses every day.


Regardless of the integration method you choose, all Record360 customers can:

  • Pull in work orders in near real-time
  • Map inventory data into their inspections
  • View a dashboard of their fleet in Record360

To learn about how Record360 helps dealers & rental operators deliver an incredible customer experience… reach out to us at [email protected].

Introducing ServicePro: Drive Service Revenue and Improve Customer Satisfaction

ServicePro, by Record360, is a transformative solution that’s reinventing the service management process. It is creating better customer experiences, more productive technicians, and increased throughput in service departments.

ServicePro is leading the digital transformation of the service department

The process of sharing an inspection, managing customer and technician feedback, and getting a work order estimate out to and approved by the customer is about to change – for the better.

ServicePro is an easy-to-use digital tool accessed from smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers. It streamlines the traditional quoting and approval workflow used by service advisors, centralizes digital records, and enables fast, efficient customer interactions (including 2-way texting and email) for service departments in heavy equipment, truck, and auto.

Integrated with Record360’s InspectPro product, ServicePro is a secure, searchable online repository of digital equipment inspections. It’s designed to take the guesswork out of service status and work requests. ServicePro gives technicians and managers an efficient digital workflow and a customer communication platform backed by a robust single source of the truth.

Screen shot of ServicePro in action on a computer and cell phone.

ServicePro replaces hours of phone tag and manual tasks

Today, getting a work order approved or sharing an inspection takes multiple phone calls, printing, scanning, etc., which ServicePro helps streamline. Suppose the technician is working on a piece of equipment and notices additional damage. The technician may need to go back and forth (via phone calls, texted photos, etc.) with the service manager to document the damage. 

Then the service manager may need to place multiple phone calls to the customer over several days to get in touch and get approval for repairs. The approval may be verbal, which can later cause a dispute. If it requires a signature, the customer may need to email, print, sign, scan, and email back. The technician may need to move on to the next work order throughout this time, leaving the customer’s equipment to sit out of service for longer than necessary. 

With ServicePro, all internal and external communication can happen instantly via text or email. In addition, digital signatures are tied directly to the work order in question, with a time-stamped record of all interactions.

Four screenshots of the app on a cell phone.

From old to new – in less than 30 days

Service departments face some challenges when introducing innovative new technology: importing data from existing systems, consistently updating those systems, and getting workers to transition to the new system quickly and effectively.

ServicePro connects service departments and customers in a single tool. It pulls in work order data from ERP systems in near real-time to give the service team an intuitive interface to view and act on the work order and avoid duplicate work.

ServicePro mirrors the simplicity and usability of today’s most common mobile, web-based software. Service advisors and technicians quickly embrace the new platform and are comfortable using it with a day (or less) of training. Online training walks service advisors through intuitive workflow steps and processes.

Typical time-to-market or value for a customer implementing ServicePro and having the service team up to speed and operating on the platform is 30 days or less.

Estimating tool screenshot.

Increase efficiency, eliminate customer disputes and communicate with ease

First and foremost, dealerships can utilize ServicePro to generate more profit by reducing time-to-approval (via digital approvals through text or email), increasing upsell opportunities through transparency and customer trust, and reducing costs by optimizing technicians’ time and eliminating customer disputes. Other advantages include greater inspection compliance, fewer service delays, improved internal communication through real-time notifications, and improved customer satisfaction with their service experience.

Communication tool screenshot.

Schedule a no-charge evaluation and demo today

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