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Modernizing Inspection Processes


Pioneer Equipment Company is a family-owned corporation established in 2004 specializing in overseas delivery of heavy equipment delivered job-site ready.


With over 500 machines shipped worldwide, Pioneer’s corporate structure is focused on serving international markets.  Pioneer in-house staff specializes in international sales, logistics and finance services.


Record360 Use Cases

Below are primary ways the team at Pioneer uses the Record360 inspection app and workflow platform:

  • Heavy equipment rental inspections
  • Off road truck rental inspections
  • Preventative maintenance reports
  • Documentation for overseas exports
  • Service department documentation

According to Michel Allan, owner of Pioneer Equipment Rental, “360 is primarily for rental. However, we also export equipment pretty steady and we use the 360 even as an outgoing report for that piece going overseas in case anything comes back.”

Customer insights

“Before Record360, we were using the 'Fred Flintstone' method, which was writing everything down and trying to keep up with data on a marker board. And so once you get five or ten units going a day, that system doesn't work too efficiently.”

Benefits of Record360 for Pioneer Equipment

Preventative Maintenance Reports

“We have created a PM report to do our preventive maintenance. And that’s very important to us because that’s how you maintain a rental fleet. But in addition, that carries over to an export situation where you have a record of what you did for each machine. So if there’s any issues, when it gets to the other side of the ocean, you go back to the record, and say, this is what we did.

Ease of Use

Allan explained that when you’re dealing with technicians and mechanics, new technology tools and processes need to be simple and intuitive in order to be fully adopted. If a report, form, or workflow is complicated the less likely it is going to get done. 

Michel added, “But if you have a good format and it’s simple to navigate, then it gets done accurately and quickly. That’s what’s important. And what you see with Record360. It’s integrated all of our departments to be able to use one single application. So as we have rentals going out and coming back in, the administrative side of our business works closely with the techs, with one report so that we can process equipment in and out quickly.”

Using Record360 in the Service Department

“We needed software that also covered the service aspect of what we do. So not just in and out of rental, but also for servicing the equipment. A key item of servicing any piece of equipment is to do the PM and have a record of that.”

“So Record360 worked with us to design and implement our service reports. It took some doing, but we got there and now we’re working with them actually record our our service reports.”

ROI and Preserving Customer Relationships

According to Allan, “just in terms of damages alone, I would say the damages recovered more than pay for it.”

“I’ll give you an example. We have a customer that is doing quite a bit of demolition and basically started demolishing our excavator, the bucket starting to come apart.  Cracks, damage on the body, things like that, and  we had clear pictures of that bucket before it went out with a new bucket versus how it came back. And that was like probably a $4,000 claim in itself, and you know what, and it went smoothly. We still have a customer. He understands his people did the damage and he’s responsible and we still have a good customer relationship.”

We don't want to file insurance claims, so if we can settle damage issues with our customers in a diplomatic way, that is a good form of insurance itself.

Michel Allan, President, Pioneer Equipment Rental

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