Truck Dealer Management System Integration

Record360 and Procede: The Ultimate Integration

Record360 has partnered with Procede to simplify your truck data collection. Our integration lets you capture media, signatures, and key data — like odometer & fuel levels — in Record360 and automatically push them into Procede. Get ready to streamline your workflows.


Experience seamless integration between Record360 and Procede, a leading Dealer Management System (DMS) designed for trucks. With our integration, users can easily capture digital inspections and keep truck data up to date across both systems. Discover the benefits:

A seamless workflow

Pull Procede unit data into your Record360 inspection, so you have the latest customer data at your fingertips.

Ultra HD video capture

Record360 offers a best-in-class inspection app, so you can take photos & videos of your units.

One source of truth

Record360 pushes odometer and fuel readings back into Procede, so your vehicle data is always current.

A full historical record

Access your Record360 media & inspections in Procede, so you have the full unit history right at your fingertips.


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Running into issues with this integration? Submit a ticket with Procede Support at or contact us at [email protected].


Procede is a leading Dealer Management System (DMS) in the trucking industry. They deliver world-class tools to manage dealerships and make faster and smarter business decisions.


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