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Revolutionizing Vehicle Management

Record360 transformed Creative Bus Sales' vehicle management process from a paper-based system to a modern, digital platform. The implementation of Record360 streamlined the company's operations and improved transparency and accountability across locations.


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"I really enjoy the software. It's changed our company tremendously; it's been really good for us. It took us out of the Stone Age and into the digital age. It's a great tool to have in your pocket."

Quentin Gibson, Senior Transportation Manager

Revolutionizing Vehicle Management: How Record360 Transformed Creative Bus Sales


Creative Bus Sales is a nationwide company with 19 locations across the United States. They manage a fleet of approximately 2,600 vehicles valued at over $200 million. With 80% of their inventory being new buses and 20% used, they sought a solution to efficiently track their vehicles and improve their Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) process.


Quentin Gibson, the Senior Transportation Manager at Creative Bus Sales, describes how the implementation of Record360 has streamlined the company’s operations. Record360 has taken them from the “Stone Age” to the digital age.



Before implementing Record360, Creative Bus Sales struggled with an inefficient and outdated process for managing their inventory. The company relied on a paper-based system that required substantial maintenance time and effort. There were thick files filled with paper records, which had to be copied and scanned into computers.


This outdated system could not provide an adequate way of sharing information across locations. This information was critical for the company’s daily operations and decision-making processes. They required a modern solution that could make the vehicle management process more efficient and straightforward.


Creative Bus Sales sought a way to track their vehicles easily and quickly. In addition, Creative Bus Sales wanted to document any issues with the buses to ensure transparency and accountability across locations.


Record360 provided the perfect solution to Creative Bus Sales’ problems, allowing them to streamline their vehicle management processes and make them accessible to everyone within the company. The platform made tracking the flow of buses in and out of each location easy, providing documentation of their condition upon arrival and departure. Record360 seamlessly integrated with Excede by Procede, Creative Bus Sales’ existing platform for tracking bus locations and managing shop and service work.


With Record360, staff training was completed quickly thanks to the easy-to-use software. Team members could quickly adapt to the new system, and the company immediately saw improvements in their PDI processes. Photos of damages could be easily documented and shared within the company, increasing transparency and accountability. Record360 enabled Creative Bus Sales to have a national overview of their inventory, even when team members were not physically present at a specific location.


The national outlook on the company’s inventory has made identifying buses available for sale and their condition easier, resulting in increased customer satisfaction. Adopting Record360 by Creative Bus Sales was a seamless transition, thanks to the platform’s responsive and detail-oriented support. The team at Record360 was attentive to the company’s needs, providing assistance and guidance throughout the implementation process. They proactively resolved any issues that arose and provided prompt support when needed. As a result, Creative Bus Sales has revolutionized their vehicle management processes with the help of Record360.

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