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No-code Integration

Record360 and Zapier:
A No-Code Solution

Unlock seamless integration with Record360’s API by harnessing the power of Zapier, the ultimate no-code solution. Effortlessly connect thousands of apps and supercharge your capabilities with ease and efficiency.


At Record360, we’ve harnessed Zapier’s power, a premier integration tool that effortlessly links your daily software apps without the need for coding skills or API expertise. In just minutes, you can set up our Record360 Zapier app for seamless data transfers. Our aim? Enhance your efficiency with no-code integrations.

Enhanced Productivity

Easily create drafts, tasks, and units. Send inspections and task completions with just a few simple clicks.


An invaluable feature for operators automating tasks, and those eager to demonstrate tangible value through over 1,000 app integrations.

No More Coding

Our integration with Zapier is the simplest form to interact with the Record360 API to automate, integrate or enhance workflows.

Enhance Processes

Whether it’s integrating with Salesforce, sending out notifications, or updating spreadsheets, take advantage of the power of Zapier and R360.


To get started, customers must create a Zapier account. You can find details on Zapier’s pricing model here: Plans & Pricing | Zapier.




Running into issues with this integration? Contact us at [email protected].


Zapier is a product that allows users to integrate software tools they use everyday, and is an industry leader for no-code / low-code integrations. It is user friendly, does not require custom development or a deep understanding of APIs, and it can be set up in just a few minutes. Using Record360’s API, we have built a Zapier app, which is available on Zapier’s website, in order to enable our customers to send data back and forth between Record360 and thousands of other apps available in Zapier’s marketplace to enable business processes and  automate workflows.


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“Working with the team at Record360 has been nothing but pleasurable. Kenworth of Louisiana highly recommends Record360.”

Scott Sanchez
Rental Manager, Kenworth of Louisiana
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