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Aim Transportation Solutions Builds Customer Trust with Record360

Aim Transportation Solutions delivers efficient, cost-effective, and flexible commercial fleet services using Record360's truck inspections.

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We have about 37,000 inspections that we've done with Record360, recouping a couple hundred thousand dollars instantly.

Josh Lombardo, Corporate Director of Rental

How Aim Transportation Uses Record360 to Build Customer Trust

The Background

Aim Transportation Solutions has 100+ operations, 1.2K employees, 12K vehicles, and 100 years of experience across the country. They deliver efficient, cost-effective, and flexible commercial fleet services with “big business” capabilities and family-owned attention and care.


Aim Transportation has been a Record360 customer since 2020. Corporate Director of Rental Josh Lombardo’s department oversees 1,300 vehicles each day. But, company-wide, at any one time, Record360 could be used on any of their 12,000 assets.


The Problem

Before Record360, Aim Transportation was utilizing a paper process for inspections. Paper is inefficient, fallible, and destroys customer trust. Paper is time-consuming and wasteful when it comes to documentation. The paper process can impact operations internally and on a customer-facing basis. Trust is hard-won, and the results can be catastrophic when lost. Talking to customers about damage, documented on paper almost always destroys the relationship.


Josh explains, “We have about 37,000 inspections that we’ve done with Record360 recouping a couple hundred thousand dollars instantly.”


Build Customer Trust

With Record360, the team at Aim Transportation can provide a crystal clear picture of the condition of their assets. Inspections are completed when the asset is rented and when it is returned. The rock-solid evidence builds trust between Aim Transportation and its customers. Record360 provides the documentation needed with the truck inspection checklist to provide clear and concise proof if an asset is returned with damage.

Josh explains that when he has to approach a customer and tell them: “Unfortunately, some damage needs to be fixed…they know that it’s true. They’re not getting stuck with a bill for everything that’s ever happened to that truck.” 


Improve Operations

No matter where a truck is in the country, Aim Transportation can see what condition the truck was in when it was rented. This allows them to view analytics and drill down to see in what parts of the country they are experiencing more damage. Josh noted, “You can drill down as far as you want.” With approximately 37,000 inspections on file, the team at Aim Transportation can go back to any of those 37,000 and pull information whenever needed. 


Associates at Aim Transportation appreciate the ease of use, and their customers appreciate the clear and direct communication.


Go Digital with Record360


Ready to streamline your truck rental and leasing business and simplify your inspection checklist process? Say goodbye to paper forms and switch to Record360’s digital platform.Record360 can help you cut costs, streamline inspections, augment inventory management, and protect your assets from damage—all while keeping your customers happy. Request a demo today and see a 5-10x monthly return on spend with Record360.

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