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While preventative maintenance should be the #1 priority for all rental operators... software tools have been too complex, slow, or non-existent for many teams to manage their fleet effectively.

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Rental Equipment Software

For many modern rental companies, rental equipment software is one of the best ways they are able to maintain an organized, optimized business. Equipment rental organizations are one of the leading suppliers of heavy machinery for medium- and smaller-sized businesses that may have an occasional need for specialized heavy machinery but not so great a need that they require their own fleet of heavy machinery to store, maintain, and operate.


Equipment can vary widely from large, motorized machinery to aerial working platforms and can even include concrete mixing and pouring machinery. Companies also rent out power generation and heating and cooling equipment, as well as various fluid solutions as well. If it’s large, unwieldy, or a specialized piece of equipment or a specialized vehicle, there are likely organizations that can provide the use of such equipment on a rental basis. And if you represent a company that provides rental equipment for various industrial processes, you could likely benefit from investing in rental equipment software to help maintain the integrity and profitability of your organization as more and more companies transition to digital solutions.


Equipment rental company software can help streamline the daily processes involved in running a smooth and profitable rental equipment enterprise. The software enables organizations to keep much better records, and therefore, equipment and machinery rental companies can potentially increase revenue streams by more effectively managing their inventory of rentals. By utilizing cloud-based software, for instance, your organization can oversee inventory, customer profile information, payment information, and much more. Instead of having to consult multiple different sources, all the relevant and necessary information is easily accessible from one central location that is viewable from your perspective and from the customer’s perspective as well. Your business can see and keep track of any necessary equipment maintenance, while your customers can see when new equipment becomes available to rent. Additionally, many software solutions are also customizable – so if there are certain aspects of the software that don’t quite align with the needs of your business, they can be fairly easily adjusted.


The best equipment rental software is going to be the software that works best for your organization. Your business knows itself better than any other entity, and similarly, your company also knows its customers better than anyone else. By investing in a software solution that speaks to your customers’ needs while fulfilling your needs as a profitable enterprise, you can lay the foundation of stronger, more resilient customer relationships, and you position your organization to improve its overall efficiency and profitability.


Whether your organization decides to make use of an equipment rental app or some other form of equipment rental management software, it’s important to continually invest in new technologies, especially when they can afford numerous potential benefits to the operation of your company. The companies that learn to make the most of new technology and integrate it into their business operations are the organizations that are generally better prepared to withstand uncertainty in the marketplace or times of economic downturn.

Rental Inventory Management Software

As more organizations embrace the digital revolution, companies are turning away from older, less-reliable methods of record keeping and logistics monitoring for more advanced, contemporary solutions like rental inventory management software. Before computers, organizations largely relied on reports, estimation, and physical counts to determine inventory levels. Even once computers became small and efficient enough for commercial use, companies still relied on physical counts to help keep track of inventory. Modern software can accomplish multiple steps simultaneously to provide real-time or near-real-time information about inventory availability and other relevant information.


If your organization rents out equipment that requires regularly scheduled maintenance, rental inventory management software can help track that information so your mechanics can perform any required maintenance on schedule. Quality management software would then prevent customers from being able to rent or reserve equipment that needed maintenance to comply with any applicable health and safety regulations.


Additionally, rental inventory management software can help your business keep track of machinery that has already been rented out. This can be particularly beneficial if you have a limited volume of a particular piece of equipment along with high demand. Your highly valuable, in-demand products are valuable assets, and software helps protect them by improving traceability and enhancing accountability.


Improved record-keeping can also better ensure that your customers operate any rental equipment according to safety protocols and general best practices to avoid unintended damages or inflicting increased wear and tear. With increased accountability, improved maintenance scheduling, and optimized rental rotations, companies switching to inventory management software solutions can also generally expect to see improvements in customer relations as well.


Whether your rental inventory system utilizes a rental inventory tracker or a rental inventory app, there are several methods modern companies can take advantage of in order to optimize their daily operations. At the end of the day, some of the most significant benefits to improvements in inventory management compound. Your organization can save on administrative costs associated with tracking down and resolving errors, your maintenance personnel are focused on the most pertinent issues, and employees can spend more time and resources working towards achieving your business objectives.

Construction Equipment Rental Software

Depending on your business, you might be able to make use of one of a variety of similar software solutions designed to make equipment rental simpler and easier for both companies and their clients. There are several construction equipment rental management software applications that can provide your business with a variety of benefits.


Companies that utilize rental equipment software can also potentially improve business by allowing customers to search through your organization’s inventory of equipment based on their needs. For example, maybe your company doesn’t have the exact model of front-end loader available when one of your best clients needs it, but because of your rental inventory management system, they are able to find another piece of machinery that can accomplish the same job. Without a robust and thorough inventory management system in place, your company could potentially be losing out on business.


Construction equipment rental companies can potentially provide customers with tens of thousands of different pieces of machinery with just as many – if not more – potential uses and applications. In order to adequately monitor and keep track of inventory figures, construction equipment rental companies are increasingly relying on technology like inventory management software to help them streamline their operations while improving the efficiency and profitability capabilities of the organization.


And while construction may be a large portion of equipment rental companies’ business, there are numerous uses and applications that could require heavy machinery. Some commonly rented equipment – like atrium lifts, electric scissor lifts, and similar products – are widely used in refurbishing, maintenance, and cleaning applications in addition to construction. Forklifts, cranes, even HVAC equipment – there are tens of thousands of unique machines and tools that are continually in demand across numerous industries for a number of purposes. Having a company with the right equipment rental software can help ensure no opportunity goes to waste and that nothing falls through the cracks.


Whether your organization needs equipment rental software, heavy equipment rental software, construction equipment rental software, or even free equipment rental software, there are dozens of solutions out there for you, and finding the most appropriate one to suit your organization’s needs depends what your organization’s goals and objectives are.

Equipment Rental ERPs

Equipment rental ERPs (enterprise resource planning systems) can be a complex endeavor to implement, even for industry professionals with years of experience. ERP software or ERP integration initiatives can empower businesses to better manage the limited resources at their disposal to potentially improve revenue streams, customer relationships, and more. Even in times of economic uncertainty, equipment rental services provide a valuable service to the completion of infrastructure projects, public and private construction projects, and much more. By utilizing equipment rental ERP software, businesses can manage virtually everything from a single, convenient location.


Rental companies that aren’t utilizing the latest equipment rental software are having to spend additional resources for a less efficient, more error-prone process. As more organizations look to modernize and automate, their efficiency will increase. Companies that fail to adapt quickly risk being outmaneuvered in a marketplace where consumer demands rapidly evolve alongside the capabilities of the most recent technology. Modern customers expect companies to provide modern solutions, and when companies don’t, they will likely lose that potential business to a competitor that can keep up.


If your business has been relying on outdated record-keeping methods or online rental software, perhaps it’s time to consider investing in rental software programs to help your organization thrive in the digital era. Don’t let important details slip through the cracks due to human error; help to modernize your organization with a comprehensive solution that makes life easier for your employees and your customers alike.


Equipment rental software can help improve existing relationships with clients and help businesses grow and attract new clients as well. To help your organization monitor inventory, plan transport efficiently, track lifecycle expectancy, and many more practical applications, invest in a robust equipment rental software solution that has features well-suited to your organization.


If you want to learn more about our rental equipment software and how it can benefit your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule a demo!

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