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Worldwide Equipment Leasing is a private company that specializes in the distribution and leasing of heavy-duty trucks and trailers. They use Record360 for inspections to avoid disputes, save money, and improve their compliance

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"Record360 has definitely saved us a lot of money. I could give a hundred different examples of customers immediately wanting to dispute damages and as soon as you show them that video evidence of how the truck went out and the condition- case closed."

Mark Hamilton, General Manager

How Record360 and Karmak Fusion Revolutionized Worldwide Equipment Leasing's Operations


Worldwide Equipment Leasing has been renting and leasing trucks since 1983 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Worldwide Equipment Enterprises the “One-Stop Shop for all your commercial trucking needs” since 1967.  The Worldwide Equipment Leasing fleet currently has over 650 trucks and trailers rented and leased from 20 locations across OH, KY, WV, TN, VA, SC, & GA.  They work with companies to develop exact vehicle specifications of premium brands to provide maximum productivity & combine it with a service package in a Full Service Lease for maximum uptime delivery of their product or service. 


When Worldwide Equipment Leasing first began its operations, they relied solely on paper-based and manual processes to manage their business operations. This approach involved creating rental contracts through handwritten documentation, which proved to be tedious and prone to inaccuracies. Additionally, monitoring and maintaining the condition of their trucks was another obstacle as they relied on a paper-based system to inspect them for any damages.


As a result of this approach, there were frequent disputes between the company and customers over damages, leading to financial losses and potential harm to their reputation. The outdated system of managing truck inspections and rental contracts had become a significant challenge for Worldwide Equipment Leasing.


When the team at Worldwide Equipment Leasing came across Record360 at a conference, they quickly realized that this software could help them overcome their challenges. They decided to integrate Record360 with Karmak Fusion to enhance their operational efficiency.


Initially, they implemented workflows for their rental trucks and trailers, which yielded positive results. Encouraged by this success, they added a workflow for their lease trucks as well, enabling them to have a comprehensive inspection process for all their vehicles.


By leveraging Record360’s inspection tool, Worldwide Equipment Leasing resolved hundreds of disputes and saved thousands of dollars. With video evidence of the truck’s condition before and after rental, they were able to demonstrate damages to customers and avoid conflicts. This not only saved them money but also enhanced their reputation and customer satisfaction.


The seamless integration between Karmak Fusion and Record360 also helped Worldwide Equipment Leasing improve their compliance. They could now showcase their truck inventory on their website without managing two different systems.


Moreover, they could easily transfer contract information to the app for completing inspections and obtaining drivers’ signatures, saving them precious time and resources.


“Integrating Karmak & Record360 means our two most important business systems work in harmony.” – Mark Hamilton, General Manager, Worldwide Equipment Leasing.


The integration of Record360 with Karmak Fusion has been a game-changer for Worldwide Equipment Leasing. The inspection tool helped them to avoid disputes, save money, and improve their compliance. It has also helped them to improve their fleet’s image and increase their revenue. Worldwide Equipment Leasing highly recommends Record360.

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