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Preferred Rental Company uses Record360 to Eliminate Damage Disputes

Record360 provides Preferred Rental Company with indisputable documentation before their equipment goes out on rent.




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Paper is a Problem

Paper destroys customer trust and consumes valuable time. In an industry where every dime counts, it’s important to take care of your rental equipment. Preferred Rental Company realized they needed a digital process to eliminate damage disputes.


Preferred Rental Company rents construction equipment: forklifts, mini excavators, big excavators, backhoes, generators, and compressors. From A to Z, they rent it all.


Before implementing Record360, they were using a paper checklist. No photos or videos –  only a sheet of paper.


Detailed video and photo inspections are an opportunity to save money, protect your customers, and rise above the competition. Your rental business is only as good as your equipment. You can’t get very far with damaged equipment and disgruntled customers. Regular photo and video inspections protect your relationship with your customers and boost your bottom line.

I know everybody wants to save every dime they can and make every dime they can make. If you're spending it on somebody else's damage you're not making it. Preferred Rental recommends Record360.

Robert Marvin, Counter Sales, Preferred Rentals

Digitize your Rental Process


Robert Marvin, Counter Sales Manager at Preferred Rental Company, takes care of the Record360 app as equipment goes out on rent and is returned.


He explained, “we didn’t realize how much it was going to help the company.” Record360 solves their issues of damage caused while out on rent. They now have indisputable evidence. With the photos and videos, there is no question about who is responsible for paying for repairs.


Record360 inspections allow you to make incremental repairs before damage breaks the bank. Your equipment will run better, you’ll extend its lifespan, AND your customers will stay happy because of the crystal clear photo and video evidence. The better condition your equipment is in, the more time it can be out on rent.

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