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PERCO Rentals Relies on Record360 to Avoid Insurance Claims

PERCO Rentals discusses how Record360's rental inspection app prevents damage disputes and insurance claims.




Heavy equipment 



We rely on Record360. It's the bread and butter and the center of everything we do here. I've been in the industry for 15 years and I've been with the biggest players in this industry. The fact that everyone isn't using the system blows my mind. I recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Will Strength, Service Manager

Capturing Rental Damage and Eliminating Disputes

The Background


PERCO Rentals is a strategic partnership between Pipeline & Utility Rental Equipment in Jackson, Mississippi and Perco Equipment Rentals in Madison, Georgia. They operate as PERCO Rentals, and their focus is on bringing innovative equipment solutions to the pipeline and utility construction industries. They have been using Record360 since 2019.


The Problem


PERCO Rentals is reliant on remote vendors and functions. But vendors don’t always understand the quality standards PERCO has for the condition of its equipment. Without clearly documented equipment condition, it’s extremely difficult to hold vendors and customers accountable. Paper processes are inefficient and accuracy becomes questionable.


The Solution


PERCO Rentals required a highly customized checklist from Record360. They needed the ability to perform remote inspections, document hours for PMs, and take note of fuel charges. Essentially, they wanted an all-purpose tool to help manage their fleet.


Record360 created a series of checklists for PERCO Rentals and had them ready for them within a day. Once up and running, Service Manager Will Strength noted that they have already saved so much money, “I couldn’t even tell you the amount of money we’ve saved so far just with holding people accountable”.


Recently, a PERCO Rentals Ranger came back from being on rent and it was completely destroyed. It was going to cost more to repair than to replace. With the Record360 inspection on hand, there was no argument the customer could make. He agreed, without dispute, to purchase the Ranger outright.

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