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Cummings Leasing Cut Damage Disputes in Half with Record360

Discover how this independent truck leasing company reduces disputes while offering exceptional service.


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Cutting Damage Disputes In Half

The Background


As an independently owned and operated commercial truck business, Cummings Leasing stays up to date on service and technology trends to stay competitive.


We’re a full-service commercial truck leasing and repair company, and have about 50 trucks that we rent and lease on a regular basis. With several large, national commercial truck locations around us, we do everything we can to stay competitive so we can stay independent. It’s a major reason we stay on top of trends in technology and training to offer great service to our customers.


The Problem


The standard paper condition forms Cummings used was ineffective at properly recording a truck’s condition, resulting in disputes with clients. Further, storing the paper took up a lot of space.


In our business, repairs can cost anywhere from $600 to $15,000 to take care of, though the average cost is usually in the low 4-digits. We’ve always known that taking stock of our truck’s condition was important, but never had a really effective way to do it.


We had the typical paper method of recording a truck’s condition. It was a two-sided piece of paper with the outline of a truck. But, it was terrible at capturing the extent of damage so we’d have countless disputes with drivers telling us damage was already there. And, we had tons of paper we were left with. We had a big file cabinet where we kept the rental records until the customer paid, and that included the condition forms. At the end of the year, it all got packed away and stored for seven years. Our process was ineffective and was taking up too much space.

Record360 gives you the crystal-clear pictures you need to prevent disputes.

Vicky Cummings, Rental Manager

THE ResultS

See how Cummings cut their weekly damage disputes in half

Less damage disputes per week
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Paper forms laying around the office
Inspections run through Record360
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Removing Paper-Based Processes

Record360 has helped Cummings Leasing drop their weekly damage disputes in half, all while remove bulky paper out of their system.


Before Record360, we had about 5-6 disputes a week. Now we’ve been able to cut that number in half. When you have crystal clear pictures like what you get from the software, it’s difficult for anyone to argue with what they’re seeing.


It was incredibly easy to get going in our shop. We took our standard walk around workflow and the Record360 team built it into the app. We never forget to document any part of the truck. We could even record things like gas levels and mileage to make sure we were recouping all our costs. And, I love that we’re saving trees. We no longer have all those paper forms laying around at the office or in our storage area.


Record360 is helping us keep customers happy and coming back to us time and time again.

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