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Coast Counties Peterbilt Gains Higher Resale Value on Their Trucks with Record360

See how a full-service truck dealership collects on damages every time and increases resale value on their assets.


11 locations on the West Coast


Truck and Trailer


200+ Employees

Collecting on Damage, Every Time

The Background


Coast Counties Peterbilt is a family owned and operated full-service truck and trailer dealership founded in 1949 headquartered in San Jose, California.


Rental Manager, Clayton Conrad, and his team, oversee 6 Peterbilt, PacLease, and Landoll locations across California, with a full line of services, including new and used truck and trailer sales, full maintenance leasing, truck rentals, parts sales, and service for all makes of trucks and trailers. They have been a Record360 customer since 2015.


The Problem


Clayton was frustrated by the money they were losing to damage repairs, time spent disputing damages with customers, and the strain on customer relationships. If he had to guess, damage losses “were in the thousands, if not tens of thousands per year.” They “didn’t have clear evidence as to whether or not the customer caused the damage,” said Clayton.


“The biggest issue with the paper logs was customers disputing damages. With paper logs it’s pretty easy to miss things, and it’s pretty easy to not take detailed-enough notes,” he went on to say. Damage disputes were costing Clayton time and straining valuable customer relationships. On top of that, the resale value of his trucks was going down because trucks wouldn’t get the repairs that they needed.

We can keep our trucks in better shape, and sell them for more, because we have someone to bill for the damage.

Clayton Conrad, Rental Manager

THE ResultS

See how Coast Counties Peterbilt gets a higher resale value on their trucks

Annual savings on damage disputes
$ 0 K
Trucks and trailers in fleet
Inspections run through Record360
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Resolving Disputes in Minutes

Clayton estimates he’s saved “tens of thousands” by using Record360. Customers also like Record360 because they, “feel more at ease knowing they have a clear picture of what the truck looked like when it went out.”


An otherwise painful, time-consuming dispute is now being resolved in minutes, and Clayton’s trucks get the repairs they need. Record360 has allowed Clayton to improve customer service, ease the stress of damage disputes, and maintain the value of his trucks before resale.

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