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Bay Area Auto Rental Improved Damage Claim Recovery by 65%

See how Bay Area Auto implemented Record360 to improve the accuracy of their damage estimates.


1 location in Texas


Commercial vehicles


15+ employees

Collecting 65% More Damage Claims

The Background


As an 800-unit commercial vehicle rental business, Bay Area Rentals was focused on finding processes and systems to help scale their business efficiently.


At Bay Area Auto Rental, we manage an 800 commercial vehicle fleet business. That includes everything from half-ton pick-ups and one-ton flat beds to 15 seat passenger vans. Since our holding company also manages McRee Ford, a major dealership in southeast Texas, we also rent out 4-door sedans, SUVs and other smaller vehicles if clients need them. I’m responsible for growing our business in the broadest sense possible. As we’ve quadrupled the size of the fleet over time, that’s meant looking at all the systems and processes we have in place to scale the business efficiently and effectively. After all, when you’re renting vehicles across the entire southeastern US, you need a streamlined process.


The Problem


The business understood that improved damage claim recovery could have major financial implications, but did not have a system in place to address it.


There are always small plays that can yield big results. Damage claim recovery was one of those. I knew that with a greater focus on how to improve the recovery process, we could really improve our business’s bottom line. This is especially the case because we ultimately re-sell all of our vehicles. We never question if we’ll fix damage. Instead, we had to ask if we were good enough to catch damage that was caused by renters so they could assume the cost. Our previous system did not make us good enough. We would do manual, paper condition reports. If we had damage, we would send the vehicle to our local body shop who would give us an estimate for repairing the damage. We’d rely on pictures they took to send the claims paperwork to our customers. We didn’t have the visual documentation we needed to know the extent of the damage caused during the rental period, meaning we couldn’t bill as many claims as we likely should have, nor could we bill as much for damage costs as we should have.

Record360 takes the back-and-forth out of the vehicle review process.

Marcus Lindsey, Commercial Business Development Manager

THE Results

See how Bay Area Auto uses Record360 to improve damage estimate accuracy

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Increasing Billable Claims in Just 6 Months

Using Record360 has allowed Bay Area Rental to increase billable claims by 65%, and increase the amount they bill per claim by 55%.


In just six months of using Record360 we’ve increased our billable claims by 65%. Part of that is due to being able to process more claims because we have better documentation. But a bigger piece is greater damage estimate accuracy which means we’re billing more per claim. In fact, we’ve increased the amount billed per claim by 55%. These improvements are thanks to both the video and photo functionality. The photos are great to capture obvious damage, but the video is the ultimate fail safe. It gives us the power to always look back in time and double check the vehicle’s previous condition. If we missed taking a photo during the first walk around, we can always go check the video for the evidence we need.

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