American Dream Vacations Cut Documentation Time While Improving Condition Reviews

Learn how the largest RV rental fleet in Texas slashed documentation time while vastly improving condition reviews.


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Increasing Thoroughness While Cutting Documentation Time In Half

The Background


Representing the largest RV fleet in Texas, American Dream Vacation’s unique business model made vehicle condition reviews a key part of their rental process.


We’re an RV sales and rental dealership. We’re unique in that we don’t own any units in our fleet. Instead, we help our customers purchase the RV that is ideal for them. When they don’t want to use their vehicle, we offer storage and maintenance. And, more importantly, we offer RV rental services so owners can earn income from us renting out their vehicles. This model has allowed us to build the largest RV rental fleet across Texas.


Under this approach, owners expect us to protect their RVs and keep them in great condition. Meanwhile, renters expect access to new, high-quality vehicles. It makes the process of recording RV condition incredibly important.


The Problem


The business’s handwritten documentation process was so lengthy that it was extremely time-intensive and left a bad impression on customers expecting a more contemporary process.


In our industry, damage spans a wide gamut and can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars to repair. Our RV owners expect us to safeguard their investment, which means it’s critical that we take detailed records of each RV before and after it gets rented out.


Our condition review process was incredibly tedious. Our agents would write down every single thing they saw, sometimes taking up a page and a half of written documentation. We were getting different levels of detail and different ways of describing the same thing. Each review could take up to 30 minutes, and it was creating a high level of inconsistency. Even when we moved to checklists or Google Docs, the process was extremely inefficient.


Additionally, handing a damage-riddled document to our customers set a bad tone. We’re constantly staying progressive with our website, back-end functions, and in-house operations. Yet this paper approach made us look like we were still in the stone age.

Record360 is the natural evolution in condition documentation.

Trenton Franklin, Owner & Manager

THE ResultS

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Cutting Documentation Time in Half

Using Record360 has let American Dream Vacation cut documentation time by more than half while simultaneously creating a more thorough condition review process.


Record360 feels like a natural evolution in our RV condition documentation process. What once took 30 minutes is now down to 10 or 12 minutes. On top of that, we’ve vastly improved our level of thoroughness. With the combined photo and video documentation, we can cover every nook and cranny of every interior compartment. If one of our agents missed damage on visual inspection, we know Record360 will capture it.


Further, Record360 has renewed our agents’ energy when it comes to keeping track of the RVs’ condition. The agents are so used to having a phone in their hands that this documentation process feels natural and modern. Our customers like it too. It gives our rental customers confidence that we’re being fair and reasonable when we call up damage, and the RV owners see that we’re safeguarding their investment.


Record360 is such a valuable tool that we’re now recommending it to all of our licensees across nine states.

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