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Understanding Bulldozer Wear and Tear: Maximizing Rental Returns with Record360

Wear and tear in bulldozers can negatively impact your rental profits. Read on to learn how you can solve this problem easily.

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Maximizing Rental Returns with Record360

Bulldozers are essential for many projects, including land clearing, demolitions, and construction work in general. Investing in such heavy equipment can bring you plenty of profits if you take care of it, which is why you should do your best to keep all components in great shape.


All bulldozers involve a lot of moving parts. Regardless of how often you use yours, it’s likely to experience some sort of wear and tear. Not providing regular maintenance will result in costly repairs in the future, which can hurt your rental profits.


Keep reading to learn how this machine works and how you can use software like Record360 to inspect and document everything you need to protect your investment.

What Are the Most Common Signs of Wear and Tear in Bulldozers?

There are plenty of areas you can check for excessive wear and tear, including the top of the dozer blade, the cutting edge, or the spill guard. However, there are other components that you should also check frequently to avoid a costly repair job in the future:


Hydraulic System: Your hydraulic cylinders shouldn’t have any leaks or signs of general damage.


Plate Lines: Usually, plate lines in the blade indicate that it was resurfaced to hide its wear and tear.


Undercarriage: The undercarriage is designed to be resistant even in rough environments. Checking this area will help determine if its condition is good enough for renting.


Wheels: This includes the support wheel, guide wheel, carrier wheel, and driving wheel. The slightest damage could cause movement problems.


Track: If the track isn’t in optimal condition, it will start causing wear and tear on the wheels. Excessive wear and tear on the track, on the other hand, will make the bulldozer lose traction over time.


Other problems you could experience with your bulldozer include:

  • Worn cylinders
  • Faulty cylinder pins
  • Broken shafts
  • Dirty filters
  • Slipping main clutch
  • Movement problems
  • Electrical problems
  • Loose trunnion pins/caps

Can Excessive Wear and Tear Impact Your Rental Returns?

Yes. Usually, a simple visual inspection of your bulldozer won’t be enough to maintain it in good shape. You must be able to document all signs of damage, no matter how small they are, and solve them as fast as possible.


Renting faulty equipment to someone will likely result in disputes, which can lead to severe monetary expenses later. Remember that a faulty bulldozer puts the operator at risk of suffering an accident, which you should avoid at all costs.

Discover the Benefits of Proactive Maintenance and Documentation for Your Bulldozer with Record360

Record360 helps bulldozer owners provide maintenance to their machines smartly and efficiently. Thanks to the platform’s photo and video tools, you can document even the smallest details when examining the machine’s components.


You can also include annotations for your clients and team to see. This way, not only do you ensure the proper functionality of your bulldozer, but you also protect yourself and your business from potential disputes in the future. Taking these preventive measures will maximize the profitability of your rentals!

Bottom Line - Protect Your Assets and Maximize Your Profits Today!

Bulldozers are machines that need special care. By taking care of them with proper inspections and maintenance, you ensure that your clients are happy and that there are no disputes when you get your machine back.


The tools offered by Record360 will give you everything you need to ensure the safety of your assets and business, so sign up and discover everything you can do with them.

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