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With Record360 inspection management software documentation is clearer, and it takes less time to get a customer what they want.

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The Background

L & N Supply Company Inc. was founded in 1990. From its founding to the present day, L & N Supply Company Inc. strives to remain up to date with technologies and trends to serve their customer better. From parts and sales to service and rental, they do everything they can to keep the customer on track. They have been a Record360 customer since 2019.


The Problem

Rental contracts were time-consuming and inefficient. In fact, they were taking about an hour to produce.

In addition, the people renting the machines aren’t necessarily the person operating them. So, when damages were happening on heavy equipment they were causing the “he said, she said” customer doom spiral. It ruined customer relationships, which hurts the bottom line.


The Solution

L & N Supply Company Inc. became a Record360 customer and purchased a tablet for their inspection specialist. He takes as many photos as he can, so when a piece of equipment goes out on rent, regardless of who is operating the machine, there is a single source of truth through photos and videos. Not only is the documentation clearer, but it takes less time. No one likes paperwork, and the Record360 inspection management software reduces the time it takes to get a customer what they want.

Record360 promotes a clear understanding of the quality of a piece of equipment. There are no longer “he said, she said” disputes.

Customers understand that we're not trying to pull the wool over their eyes and it has helped us to be able to maintain those relationships.

Zach Long, Sales Manager, at L & N supply

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