Truck LEASING Integration

Record360 and Idealease: A National Partnership

Record360 has partnered with Idealease to simplify your inspection process. This robust integration allows you to fill out Idealease-approved PM forms, take high-quality videos, and capture digital signatures. Get ready to streamline workflows efficiently. 



Introducing the powerful integration between Record360 and Idealease! Our partnership streamlines the inspection and maintenance process for Idealease customers, saving them time and effort. With our integration, vehicle information is automatically pulled into Record360, making inspections a breeze. Say goodbye to tedious manual data entry and hello to a streamlined inspection. Discover the benefits:


A seamless workflow

Complete your Idealease-approved PM forms in Record360. Automatically upload them to the Idealease Vehicle Maintenance module to stay compliant.

Ultra HD video capture

Take high-quality photos and videos to capture the (actual) condition of your truck. View them in the Idealease portal whenever you need.

Better damage detection

Get automated damage reports delivered to your email, so you have real-time insight into the condition of your assets.

A full historical record

Access photos, videos, customer signatures, and PM forms in Record360 or Idealease—so you have a record wherever you are.


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Running into issues with this integration? Contact us at [email protected].


Idealease is a transportation solutions provider that offers commercial vehicle leasing, rental, and maintenance services. With over 430 locations across North America, Idealease is committed to providing reliable and cost-effective transportation solutions to businesses of all sizes.


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