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Checklist For Truck Inspection

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Checklist For Truck Inspection

If you’ve ever seen a checklist for truck inspection that’s a mile long and groaned, we know how you feel. Truck inspection reports are incredibly necessary in the rental industry, but that doesn’t mean that they’re a joy to fill out or keep track of. It can seem like there are a hundred different steps in the process of filling out a truck inspection checklist – especially on paper. While there’s nothing wrong with paper forms per se, it can cost a business a lot of time and money in the long run if they’re losing out on efficiency and attention to detail due to record-keeping issues.


In the first place, it can be difficult to even know what to include in a pre-trip truck inspection checklist. While it seems to be a given that certain things are always included, such as fuel level and mileage, what else must be included on the list? How detailed is too detailed, and is there such a thing? Searching for a pre-trip inspection checklist PDF online might give you a good idea of what other rental companies search for before leasing out their equipment, but it doesn’t mean that you have to go with that flow. If the report that you find is too detailed or not as detailed as you like, you can always create a custom one. However, to protect against the most damage claims and ensure that you’re always aware of the state of your equipment, it might be better to go with a more thorough or detailed checklist over a basic one. Additionally, checklists might vary from machine to machine. A DOT truck inspection checklist might look different from a simple rental car checklist. Here are a few starting suggestions for most inspection checklists:


Engine & Fuel System Checklist

  • Check the oil in the engine to ensure it is clean and at an appropriate level.
  • Record how much fuel is in the tank before leasing.
  • Inspect exterior gas caps to ensure they are in proper working order.
  • Run the vehicle and listen for any strange or unusual noises that could indicate any potential issues.
  • Check the belts and hoses for signs of wear, such as leaks, cracks, or splits.


Vehicle Body
Inspecting the vehicle body and keeping accurate records of this condition is vitally important, especially when renting road vehicles. Having an accurate record of the body’s condition before it is leased gives your guys a reference to check against when the vehicle is returned to your lot. It’s important that any pre-existing damage to the vehicle is marked, so keep an eye out for:

  • Dents, dings, and scrapes in the doors
  • Marks possibly made by key scratches or other vandalism
  • Dents, scratches, or dings along the entire body of the vehicle
  • Loose hubcaps, body stripping, or spreading rust

There should also be records made of the condition of the lights, cab, windows, internal systems like horn, AC, heat, seatbelts, brake systems, tires, and vehicle documents like registration and proof of insurance. While that does sound like a lot to take care of, there is software that exists to automate your processes and streamline your inspection process. With Record360, you can create custom checklists that are digitally stored and possible to fill out on any smartphone or tablet. Photos and videos can be attached to reports and checklists so that there’s no question of the vehicle’s condition.

Truck Safety Inspection Checklist

The fields on a truck safety inspection checklist are going to vary from vehicle to vehicle. The good news is that with Record360, you can create custom checklists and inspections for any type of vehicle, from a Bobcat safety inspection to a concrete mixer safety inspection. The needs of heavy machinery inspection will be different from a consumer vehicle inspection.


Fields recommended for a Bobcat safety inspection directly from the Bobcat manufacturer are:

  • Safety signs & treads should not be missing or damaged
  • The Operator’s Handbook should be present and free of damage.
  • The Operator’s cab should not be missing any hardware and should be free of damage.
  • The Seat Belt and Shoulder Belt should not be missing or damaged.
  • The Seat Bar & Pedal Interlocks should be free of damage and should be tested prior to lease.
  • The BICS System & Lift Arm By-Pass should be tested prior to lease and ensured operational.
  • The Control Console Lockout & Arm Rest Interlock should be tested and free of damage.
  • The Lateral Operator Restraint System (LORS) should be tested prior to lease and free of damage.
  • The parking Brake should be tested and operational.
  • Lift Arm Support/Cargo Box Support should be tested, operational, and free of damage.
  • The back-up Alarm/Motion Alarm/Horn System should be tested and operational.


The fields necessary for other types of equipment, like a concrete mixer or forklift safety inspection, will also likely be different than a daily truck inspection form PDF. With Record360, you can create customized templates for every type of vehicle that you lease. These forms can be filled out at the touch of a button and saved on a cloud database for inspection by managers rather than printing, recording, scanning, uploading, and filing a paper document. Not to mention attaching pictures!


Keeping carefully detailed reports about heavy machinery is also important, as anything could happen while the vehicle is in use. If the damage is not reported by the customer and not caught by the leasing agent, the owner of the vehicle is left responsible for repairs, which cuts into revenue. Using a digital solution like Record360 can keep all of your guys on the same page in terms of vehicle condition, as well as necessary repairs and maintenance. The digital platform also streamlines workflows by keeping everything in a searchable and centralized location rather than scattered all over the office. Clients who use Record360 to keep track of their equipment have stated that Record360 enabled them to catch thousands of dollars in damage that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

DOT Inspection Checklist

Keeping careful and regular inspections and checklists of the conditions of your own vehicle year-round also can take some of the pressure off when it comes time for the DOT annual roadside inspection. If you wanted, you could even use Record360 to inspect your own vehicles according to the DOT inspection 2022 standard all of the time. Rather than search for a printable DOT annual inspection form, you could create your own template directly in the app. It would be immediately available for use to all your guys, and you could see the results in real-time. The use of DOT daily vehicle inspection form PDFs and DOT inspection checklist PDFs don’t offer that kind of responsiveness and, more times than not, can still be a pain to fill out and organize.


There are DOT inspection checklists available online to recreate a fillable template from. While the inspection documents or process may vary slightly from year to year, the DOT inspection checklist 2022 most likely includes an inspection of the:

  • Brake system
  • Electrical system
  • Suspension
  • Wheels and tires, including rim and hub
  • Seat belts
  • Fuel and exhaust systems
  • Headlights, rear lights, turn signals, and other lights
  • Windshield wipers

The above checklist would be similar or appropriate for a Level 1 DOT inspection checklist template. Drivers are also expected to show all necessary documentation to the DOT inspector, including their CDL, driver logs, and medical/skills performance evaluation certificates. Using regular inspections and checklists with Record360 could be one way of preparing drivers or vehicles for annual DOT inspections and minimizing fines or other penalties. Record360 could also be utilized to create checklists and inspections that correspond with every level of the DOT inspection checklists if you so desire. The information recorded with Record360 is kept safe in a cloud-secure system that protects you, your business, and your customers while giving you 24/7 access to your data.

DOT Inspection Forms And Stickers

DOT Level 1 inspection checklist PDFs can be found online and show you everything you need to know if your vehicles or machinery will pass inspection or if they need additional work. There are DOT inspection checklist PDFs available for nearly every level of DOT inspection, including DOT level 2 inspection checklist PDFs. Knowing the content of these DOT inspection forms and stickers can help prepare your vehicles and drivers for DOT inspection ahead of time.


While it’s good to know the checklist content of these inspections, including DOT daily vehicle inspection form PDFs, depending on the type of vehicles and machinery you rent out, not all forms and fields will be applicable to your business. Additionally, PDF forms do not offer a lot of versatility or flexibility over paper forms. Most paper forms become PDFs and must be filed and organized in a way that takes nearly as much time and effort as paper forms. Record360 takes the effort out of record-keeping without sacrificing accuracy and detail.


Record360 can keep track of any annual vehicle inspection report. How to fill out these forms is simple and streamlined within the app and easy to pick up and learn without prior technological experience. Alongside the DOT annual vehicle inspections, Record360 can also create templates for CVSA level 1 inspection checklists. The results of these reports and checklists can be accessed and approved in real-time from anywhere in the world. Record360 can give you an accurate idea of the condition of your fleet, save money, streamline workflows, verify customers, and more. Transitioning from using annual vehicle inspection form PDFs to Record360 could take only days instead of weeks. The software can eliminate damage disputes as well as protect customers and leasing agents alike. When you use detailed inspection checklists that are simple to fill out and keep track of, no one is caught off guard by annual DOT or CVSA vehicle inspections.

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