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Turo: Improving efficiency in car-sharing and valet claims with Record360 inspection tools

Learn how Turo manages to keep claims moving smoothly in spite of double the customer load and asset transactions as the typical car rental business.


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Bringing Efficiency & Clarity To The Claims Experience

The Background


Turo manages a car–sharing business, letting car owners earn money by renting their cars to others for long or short periods of time. With two sets of customer to cater to, Turo needs to ensure both groups have a great service experience.


At LAX airport, Turo runs two core businesses. We have a drop–off Valet Service where car owners can drop off their car and have them be used by renters while they’re out of town. We also have a Park & Earn program where owners can leave their car with us for as little as two weeks or as much as one year, and we’ll create listings, reservations and manage car upkeep during the entire time.


We’re focused on building a market of owners that want to rent their cars out, and a market of renters that are happy using currently–owned cars that are in great condition. Essentially, we have two separate customers who we have to keep happy and make sure have a positive experience.


The Problem


The Turo claims team didn’t have the documentation they needed to properly process claims. The previous system they used only allowed them to take photos, leaving the claims department with insufficient information to properly assess a car&s actual condition. Given that any one rental required four separate asset reviews, they knew they needed a better solution.


Each time a car comes in and out, we actually have four different times we need to look at its condition: when the owner drops the car off, when the renter picks the car up, when the renter drops the car off, and when the owner picks the car back up. That’s a lot of different times we need documentation, and a lot of times we could easily miss the full nature of the damage.


We used to send pictures to our claims department, but the pictures alone weren’t good enough. We might have a photo with really low light, or a photo from the wrong angle. Sometimes we’d take photos that were really close up, but it didn’t capture the full extent of the damage. We only had one chance to get it right, and the photos alone just weren’t giving our claims team the information they needed to process damage issues properly.

Record360 keeps us super efficient in spite of the countless transactions we process.

Zachary Trudeau, LAX Branch Owner

THE ResultS

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Using Video to Maintain an Efficient Claims Process

Thanks to Record360’s video feature, the Turo team can better a capture a car’s condition during each transaction. Though damage may have been missed in the past, using video lets the claims team better review and assess damage while keeping on–site operations efficient and moving smoothly.


The fact that Record360 offers photo and video capture has made all the difference. The video lets us walk around the car and capture every side and angle of the car. Where photos alone may have missed smaller dents or scratches, video makes sure we miss nothing.


With video capture in place, the claims process is much more efficient. Whether it’s the Turo team putting in a claim through the Park & Earn program, or the car owners using the Valet Service who process a claim, the entire process is far more streamlined.


This is especially the case when the same car gets rented out multiple times. It takes about five minutes to do the first inspection when we get a car for the very first time. But each subsequent transaction where we capture video feedback takes a minute or two. Because we’re not a traditional car rental company, customers think they can just grab the keys and go. Record360 lets us keep transactions flowing smoothly, and also ensures that renters understand they’re responsible for the vehicle.

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