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Pendragon auto service team uses Record360 to decrease damage disputes by 80%

Learn how a car dealership's service center is drastically reducing disputes while preserving high customer satisfaction levels.


4 locations in California


Jaguar and Land Rover cars


100+ employees

Decreasing Damage Disputes By 80%

The Background


The Pendragon-Hornburg service center team is expected to offer regular maintenance on high ticket-value vehicles while preserving strong customer service.


We serve a high-end Jaguar and Land Rover customer that expects exceptional service and vehicles that are in fantastic condition. In the short term, our job is to take care of regular service needs. Longer term, we aim to promote loyalty for the brand and our dealership to help with customer retention.


Our service center deals with cars that retail anywhere from $40,000 to $150,000. We take care of about 50 to 60 cars every day at our site, and leverage a team of technicians and support staff to make sure we’re meeting customer expectations.


The Problem


The team used to use only paper forms to record vehicle condition, which limited their ability to hone in on particular damage. Not only did this mean they were losing customer confidence in their ability to keep vehicles in great condition, but it also meant their body shop partner kept eating damage costs.


Before doing any maintenance, we’d take a paper form with a car silhouette and mark down any pre-existing damage we’d see. The problem was, this was a very imprecise way to record the car’s condition. When customers came back and saw damage on their car, they assumed it was caused in the shop. The paper forms couldn’t accurately capture the damage we knew was already there.


As a high-end service center, it never gave a good impression that customers thought we weren’t taking the best care of their vehicles. Additionally, there was the cost side of these disputes. While we have an arrangement with a local body shop to take care of minor damage for free, it meant the body shop had to push paid jobs aside to tackle these free jobs. We needed a better way to reduce these damage issues.

Record360 is the ultimate on-site cost-saver.

Rebecca Korban, Service Manager

The Results

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Preserving Great Relationships While Minimizing Damage Disputes

Using Record360 has eliminated 80% of the service center’s damage disputes. By leveraging photos and videos to better record vehicle condition, the team is able to pass damage responsibility to customers while preserving great customer service.


Out of every 10 damage disputes, Record360 saves us from repairing 8 of them. Thanks to the pictures and videos we have of every car, it’s easy to show customers that the damage preceded their service visit. The best part is that they don’t mind it at all. Much of the damage is often on the passenger side of the vehicle, which they don’t often see. Once we share the pictures with them, they’re accepting of it and often ask for a recommended shop to take care of the damage.


Long term relationships are incredibly important to us. Before Record360, we’d always take care of small damage rather than risk alienating a customer. Now, we can preserve great relationships and minimize our damage disputes.

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