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Record360 helps Landmark Trucks retain more revenue by lowering damage expenses

Explore how Landmark Trucks decreased damage expenses by 60% in just two months, while retaining strong customer service.


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Increasing Damage Expense Recovery by 60%

The Background


Landmark Trucks rents and leases over 140 trucks, and oversees all repair and maintenance. Equipment uptime is critical for the business, as is maximizing their ROI and having the inventory their customers need.


We have three locations renting and leasing trucks. We manage more than 140 trucks in our fleet, and oversee not just the actual rental and leasing process but also all service repairs and fleet maintenance.


Our job is to make sure that our customers can serve their customers. Equipment uptime is really important not just so that we can make money off our trucks but also so that our customers can rent or lease exactly what they need, when they need it.


The Problem


Landmark Trucks needed a way to get their unbillable damage expenses down. They used to use paper forms to record a truck’s condition at check out, and then quickly looked over the vehicle when it was brought back. The team was missing damage that represented 20% of their damage costs. These were costs they had to pay themselves.


Our standard way of looking for damage was using a generic paper form with a picture of a truck. It was a really manual process where we would walk around the truck with a customer and check off any damages, dents, breakage, and scuff marks. The problem was that when we checked a truck back in, we weren’t accurately documenting damage.


In a given month we fix over $8,000 of damage, which we can easily attribute to the customer and have them pay for it. However, on average we lose over $1,600 per month on damage that can’t be billed to customers because we missed it during the check-in process. Even though we know the customer caused the damage, we have no documentation to prove it. We needed a way to get our unbillable damage expenses down.

All it takes is one damage dispute for Record360 to pay for itself.

Danny Jenkins, General Manager

THE ResultS

See how Landmark uses Record360 to hold their customers accountable

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Using Videos and Photos to Recoup Damage Expenses

Thanks to Record360, Landmark Trucks recouped 60% of damage expenses they normally would have paid themselves. The tool’s video and photo capture features gave them the documentation they needed to hold their customers responsible.


Just recently we had two damage issues that Record360 saved us from paying. The first was a door panel scuff which would have cost us $600. The second was tire damage that would have cost $400 to repair. The video we had before the customers took them out of our shop and when they brought them back let us prove that the damage happened while the trucks were in their hands. We cut our unbillable damage expense by $1,000. Essentially, we recouped 60% of expenses we normally would have paid ourselves.


We’re now using Record360 across our three locations. About 18 people are using it, including the rental manager, service managers and service technicians. We’re continually updating our operations to be more efficient and keep finding ways that Record360 can help with that.

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