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Cloverdale Equipment Recoups Damage Expenses and Keeps Their Fleet Ready

Learn how this equipment rental company uses Record360's digital signing tool for absent customer sign offs.


4 locations in the Midwest


Construction equipment


50+ employees

Working Around Condition Sign Offs With Geo-Tagging & Time-Stamping

The Background


Cloverdale offers a full range of construction equipment products for rent across their three locations.


We’re a construction equipment rental company with three locations, two in Michigan and another in Ohio. We have about 2,200 pieces of equipment we rent across our locations. While we have a wide variety of equipment available, our specialty is in things like forklifts, cranes, and aerial lifts.


The Problem


The company frequently drops equipment off, or picks it up, at job sites without someone to sign off on its condition. This scenario made it all too easy for customers to place the blame for damage on Cloverdale.


Our equipment goes out to construction sites all the time, and a wide range of damage can happen out there. There was too much plausible deniability when it came to taking responsibility for causing equipment damage. We didn’t have any strong evidence to show that when the equipment left our location, it was in strong condition and in good working order.


This is especially the case since we often drop off and pick up equipment when a manager isn’t there to sign off on it. People could tell us the equipment was dropped off had damage, or that it didn’t leave the job site with damage.


While we had a really thorough checklist to take stock of equipment condition, we didn’t have a way of really showing damage was caused on the client’s site.

Record360 is the hard evidence we were missing to prove equipment condition.

Sean Carr, Rental Manager

THE ResultS

See how Cloverdale uses Record360 to prove equipment condition

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Proving Equipment Condition Without a Customer Present

By leveraging Record360’s Geo-Tagging and Time-Stamping features, Cloverdale is able to prove equipment condition even without a customer available to sign off on the condition review. As a result, they’ve been able to decrease disputes and improve damage expense recovery.


Record360 has made it easy to work around the lack of equipment condition sign off on job sites, all thanks to the geo-tagging and time-stamping features.


We take a full video record of the equipment when we drop it off. Because the record includes the time, date, and location of the drop off, no one can dispute the condition the equipment arrived in. The same is true of pick up. We record the same information so everyone knows the condition of the equipment exactly when we picked it up.


We even have some cases where cameras and pictures are prohibited on the job site. In these cases, we have our drivers take a record right before they enter the site for drop off, and then the second they leave the site with the pick up.


We now have proof we never had before that damage was definitely caused on site, helping clear up disputes and recoup costs much faster.

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