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Budget Long Beach improves their rental condition review process with Record360 workflows and inspection tools

Discover how smaller rental agencies are getting their employees committed to thorough vehicle condition reviews with Record360.


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Enforcing Consistent Asset Condition Reviews

The Background


Budget Long Beach is a smaller car rental agency that strives to stay ahead of the curve in a competitive rental space.


We’re a smaller rental shop with about 100 open rentals a day. We have a 95% close ratio which means we’re checking in almost as many cars a day as we’re checking out. In total, our team has to do about 200 car condition reviews every day.


Since we are smaller, it’s harder for us to take the lead on innovations. Also, with so much price transparency in our business, we generally follow standard price rates. As a whole, it does make it harder to stand apart from the competition. We are always open to ways to stay competitive and be efficient.


The Problem


Even with a small fleet, Budget Long Beach management was looking for ways to help their team more efficiently review each car’s condition. Additionally, they wanted a way to enforce detail-oriented reviews.


We have a group of employees we call rover agents. These are employees who are assessing car condition on a regular basis and making sure that we know exactly what our fleet looks like. Even with a relatively small fleet, it can be easy to forget which cars you’ve reviewed and which ones you haven’t done. As a result, our review process was inefficient.


Also, we needed a way to make sure our team was really serious about fully recording each and every car’s condition. With paper forms you can do a quick pass over, make a few marks on a the sheet, and call it a day. We needed a way to show our team that we were serious about capturing any type of damage, and we needed them committed to recording that damage properly.

Record360 means my team has the tool they need to stay motivated and dedicated to recording our fleet’s condition.

Bill Thomas, General Manager

The Results

See how Budget uses Record360 to properly record their fleet’s condition

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Greater efficiency in the condition review process
Cars leave the lot without an inspection
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Inspections run through Record360

Improving the Condition Review Process

With Record360, rental agents are more committed to properly recording the entire fleet’s condition. Further, it’s brought greater efficiency to the condition review process.


Thanks to Record360, we now have a tool that actually motivates our team to catch damage whether the car is leaving the lot or coming back in. By giving our employees video and photo capture, they know we’re serious about them using the app to really check a car out thoroughly. While they were letting damage go in the past, now we have a far better record of our entire fleet and its real condition.


Record360 also acts as a great checklist for our team. While they’re out on the lot reviewing the cars, it’s easy to see what they already reviewed and what’s still outstanding. It keeps them really efficient and lets them move through the cars faster.

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