Record360 inspection software is used by thousands of businesses to modernize their operations, protect their assets, eliminate damage disputes, and increase revenue. 

This article features Product Manager, Jeff Meigs, discussing exciting features and functionality recently added to Record360. He also discusses the importance of working with, and listening to, our customers in deciding how to enhance the product, and the overall value Record360 brings to the rental industry. 

Question: What are your favorite new features recently added to Record360 rental inspection app and why? 
Watch Jeff describe Record360’s impactful, new capabilities in the short clip below, such as:

  • Inventory management
  • Conditional fields in workflows
  • Improved drafts functionality, including data mapping
  • e-Sign for contactless digital signatures on inspections

Question: Tell us about the new Tasks and Assignments features and the value they will offer our customers?

Tasks is an exciting new feature that will give you the ability to assign inspections and other tasks to Record360 users for essentially any purpose, in real-time.  Folks in the yard will receive notifications on their mobile device when tasks are assigned to them. This will help close the communication loop, and improve managers’ ability to track work over time. Watch the following video for more details.

Question: Tell us about working with our customers to identify priorities for product improvements and new functionality. 

Jeff Meigs: Our customers are really engaged in the product development process. Customer feedback is extremely important to what we do, and helps us build our features around our customers’ critical use cases.

That really helps us focus on the most important pain points – specifically with things like e-Sign. We had a lot of conversations with customers early on to figure out what exactly they need, how this type of feature could fulfill that use case, and then bring them along in the journey with us to the point where, when we launched the feature, we got a lot of great feedback.

And then, with modernizing the platforms via the dashboard and mobile redesigns, we ran a really long testing period with customers to get feedback, which was critical for a successful launch.

Question: How would you describe the value Record360 inspection software brings to the rental industry? 

Jeff Meigs: Going back to the beginning of the company,  the value add of Record360 was a kind of insurance policy on your damage disputes.  

And the value that Record360 added was moving those business processes from paper to digital, and ensuring the data integrity of marking your asset condition at various points in time.

And I think looking forward, what we’re really trying to achieve is taking some of those other business processes that have some pain points today and applying that same logic. 

Watch the video below for more.

Question: What can you tell us about the future of Record360 product development?

Jeff Meigs: It’s become clear to me how important Record360 is for day-to-day business operations. And so, because of that a lot of the feedback that we receive on the product team is basically, “I need Record360 to do more for me and to fill in the gaps in other areas of my business.”

Whether that’s service or sales or connecting the dots in rental in a new way, a big piece of feedback is, “how can we integrate this tool further into our business?”.  And so, looking at the features that we’re developing this year, it has been really important to keep that in mind.

Watch the video below for more. 

Question: Do you have any favorite features added to Record360 in the past year?


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