Record360 inspection software is used by thousands of businesses to modernize their operations, protect their assets, eliminate damage disputes, and increase revenue. 

New features and improvements are being applied to the app and client portal each month. This article features an interview with the VP of Operations, Kat Gillis, who leads the product development, support, and client success teams at Record360.

Question: From a product development standpoint, what do you want our new customers and potential customers to know about Record360?  

Kat Gillis: You know one thing that’s unique and kind of makes Record360 so special is that we are mobile first and we have an incredible development team. So if you come to us with an idea we can typically move from idea to develop and release within a few weeks, and I think that’s just incredible. You just don’t see that with some legacy software solutions, even newer ones. It takes a pretty incredible team to be able to do that. 

You know that’s one of the reasons I love working with Record360 and I think that’s a big reason why our customers love working with us. Development will always come first, and that means that we’re able to pivot and respond to business challenges our customers are having in a much quicker way than others can.

Question: How does the Record360 development team decide which features are going to get added to future releases?

Kat Gillis: Deciding on the product roadmap and sorting of which features we’re going to prioritize is definitely the hardest part of the job because everybody wants something different.  So at the beginning of every year we go through a rigorous interview process to determine what are going to be the most high value features that will help our customers.

Then we also look at where the market is headed and determine how we can make sure the product will work best for customers. So there is definitely customer input, but also an analysis of the market to make sure that we’re staying aware and ahead of the needs in our industry.

Question: Did you have any features or enhancements added in 2020 that were personal favorites?

Kat Gillis: Definitely adding additional reference number security. It sounds small, but there were a number of times I heard customers say, “Oh, I need additional security on that very first screen” or when someone types in a reference number, and they might be in the dark while they’re typing, and their fingers slip. So all of a sudden a “Y” turns into a “U” so we added this functionality to give customers better control on the very first screen. That’s been huge for data integrity, and made our customers happy.  

It may not be a “shiny new feature” but it was a favorite of mine because it provided fast help to so many customers. 

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